Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Thank God all of the political events are over. I don’t know about you but I have had more than enough of watching the fight for seats and positions (and…

Why I Hate Uber

Jun 17, 2017
If I'm ever going to be criticised for an opinion, it's going to be because of this text. Talk of the town in Dubrovnik this year is Uber. Uber is…
Years ago when I first came to Dubrovnik I remember how I was intrigued to see so many small buzzy motor bikes and so few new cars. Well that's certainly…
This is what happened to me last week: together with my two small kids, I set off from the village of Brgat to Dubrovnik. Some 50 meters from our house,…
I was watching the television the other day when an advert for an upcoming new show caught my interest. Well to be honest it was one particular line, a sound…
I love to travel. I can’t say I have travelled that much, especially compared to those who circled around the globe, but all my journeys have one thing in common…
Summer is absolutely here! It has nothing to do with the rising temperatures, the swallows buzzing around catching flies, the crowds along the Stradun, the cruise ship crush or the…
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