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Thank you for the music

Jan 29, 2017
Coming to Croatia, you need to know one thing: there is a guy called Oliver Dragojević. He is what Paul McCartney is for Britain or Bob Dylan for America. Once…

In Defence of Negativity

Jan 26, 2017
My wife and I will never see eye to eye when it comes to certain things, mainly regarding our individual stances on life and other people. She is one of…
It’s that funny time of the year in Dubrovnik, the dead time, after the hangover of Christmas and before the jollities of St. Blaise. A time of recovery. It is…

Christmas is relative

Jan 16, 2017
My Croatian adventure began in 2005 when I spent the first summer in the beautiful Dalmatian region. I returned every year until 2013 when we moved to from Australia (known…
Brrrrrr…what the hell is this weather! “Is it normally this cold in Dubrovnik?” asked the foreign tourist in front of me. “If it was then I wouldn’t live here,” was…
As regards weather, south Dalmatia comes without a warning: in the minds of us, inland people from Frozen-like locations such as Prague, a holiday destination by the sea is inevitably…
One thing on everybody's mind in Dubrovnik this week is the weather. We are experiencing below freezing temperatures and snow fall which is quite unusual. Still, listening to some of…

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