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Running Down the Clock

Dec 29, 2016
I am a bit tired of the festivities. Celebrating Christmas holidays in Dubrovnik is a marathon, not a sprint… and I dislike running in general. Croatians tend to take things…
There’s no other day of the year when the Dubrovnik spirit comes to life quite like on Badnjak. Last winter I came to visit my boyfriend for Christmas, which was…
“I sometimes get the feeling that I don’t even have to speak for the conversation to flow…I feel a little like a passenger,” laughed the Englishman opposite me in a…
Did you consider buying a brief English/Croatian phrasebook and leafing through it during your flight to Dubrovnik? Nah...You know you won't. And I tell you a secret: you don't need…
Trying to save money during the holiday season is like trying to hold water in your hands. It doesn't matter how tightly you cup them, water will always find a…
When did you stop celebrating your birthday? What was the cut-off point where you hide your birthday on Facebook and started forgetting your years? When you are a child every…
I was more than ready to leave home at 18. By the time I was a senior in high school; I couldn’t stand my hometown anymore and was itching for…
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