Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Brrrrrr…what the hell is this weather! “Is it normally this cold in Dubrovnik?” asked the foreign tourist in front of me. “If it was then I wouldn’t live here,” was…
As regards weather, south Dalmatia comes without a warning: in the minds of us, inland people from Frozen-like locations such as Prague, a holiday destination by the sea is inevitably…
One thing on everybody's mind in Dubrovnik this week is the weather. We are experiencing below freezing temperatures and snow fall which is quite unusual. Still, listening to some of…
It is said that what you do on the first of the year will be an indicator on what you will do for the rest of the year. If this…
Every time I leave the United States to return to Dubrovnik, I get bombarded by the alarmed “please be safe over there” comments. But the truth is, there’s nowhere else…
I am terrible at making New Year's resolutions. Well, just to be more precise, I am terrible at keeping New Year's resolutions. I have a tendency to over-stretch, to get…
When I was sixteen, I spent my first Christmas away from home. It was dreadful. – It was dreadful despite the fact that I was being spoiled and pampered by…
Mostly cloudy



Mostly cloudy
Humidity: 54%
Wind: S at 6.44 km/h
Mostly cloudy
22°C / 27°C
Partly cloudy
24°C / 27°C
Partly cloudy
23°C / 26°C
Partly cloudy
22°C / 27°C

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