Thursday, 15 November 2018

The second in our series of Dubrovnik tests and we have turned up the volume somewhat. Let us know how you get on, and good luck!

The fourth most frequent cause of death in the Republic of Croatia is diabetes. To mark World Diabetes day, today the 14th of November, the national association of diabetes fighting groups held a conference and highlighted the fact of just how lethal the disease is in Croatia.

The main problem is that many cases are detected late and therefore people with diabetes die from the chronic complications brought on by the disease.

Around 2,300 Croatia died from diabetes in 2017 and it was revealed that around 40 percent weren’t even aware that they had diabetes. In fact, the costs of fighting the disease have risen greatly in Croatia with 4.6 billion Kuna spent on fighting the disease, which is around 20 percent of the entire budget of the public health system in the country.

It is believed that although there are 300,000 people in the country registered with diabetes that the actual figure is probably closer to half a million.

"The number of diabetes patients in Croatia is growing steadily. Right now more than 9 percent of the entire adult population has diabetes, compared to 6 percent ten years ago. The fact that the death rate is also increasing shows that we are not successful in treating it," general practitioner, Tereza Saric, said at the news conference.

We really don’t want to put the kiss of death on it by writing about it but the weather in Dubrovnik over the past few days has been spectacular. Mild and sunny days filled with endless blue skies and temperatures in the low twenties.

Tourists still walking in flip-flops and shorts, with even a few brave ones swimming in the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is really enjoying and Indian Summer and with just over a month left to Christmas it should appear that we will go from T-shirts to tinsel overnight.

And of course when the skies are so clear the sunsets are spectacular. These photos, sent to us by a reader, were taken from the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel.

boba sunset 2


The Croatian Minister of Veterans' Affairs, Tomo Medved, and the Director of the US Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Kelly McKeague, in Zagreb on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding on investigating, locating and transferring the remains of US military personnel gone missing in Croatia during World War II.

"I am confident that this memorandum will be a good basis for the further investigation of 61 sites and for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the search for missing persons," Medved said, adding that Croatia already had similar agreements in place with Germany, Italy, and Slovenia.

The two countries began working on this issue in February 2017.

Finding those who have made the greatest sacrifice in battle is a value that the United States shares with Croatia. This is a search for answers that we can give to the families of those missing, which is a very humane goal, McKeague said.

The US is looking for 161 pilots who went missing in the territory of Croatia during WWII. Their families are grateful to Croatia for signing the memorandum, he added.

Croatia has already provided assistance in locating remains of the crew of a B-24J aircraft, know as the Tulsamerican, that crashed off the southern Adriatic island of Vis on its way from a combat mission in December 1944.

When you think about visiting Dubrovnik, your bucket list includes the sights located in the Old City – such as the Walls, the Rector's Palace, Sponza Palace… But Dubrovnik has a lot to offer outside the historical core and from the spring of 2019 there will be one more interesting place to visit!

The Red History Museum is a new project in town. Located in the Carbon Graphite Products Factory - TUP premises in Gruz, the museum brings some new content that will help you to learn about the origins of the socialist idea and how it spread around the globe and to the area of today’s Croatia.

red history museum ererer

This trip through history is made possible by a team of young, motivated people, who have spent the last couple of months seeking the objects that will represent that period in Croatia all over the web and also on numerous fairs. They are: Kristina Mirosevic, Master of Design and setup author – as well as Tomi Soletic, the architect, Ivan Lujo, historian and co-author of the concept, followed by Nino Glavinic, co-author and Master of Media, Marko Mijatovic, Master of Light Design who is responsible for the design of the space, Hrvoje Margaretic, the famous Dubrovnik Storm Chaser, who is in charge for the visuals and Kreso Glavinic, coordinator.

Like every other great project, it all started with an idea

- We all involved in work that is connected to culture and creativity, so the idea came spontaneously. We think that that particular part of the history is not presented in Dubrovnik and in Croatia in general – only selectively, even though there are a lot more exhibitions on this theme compared to before. That’s why we decided to do it and we are coming close to realization – Kreso explains while we are sitting in the storage space full of interesting and unusual items that were a part of everyday life and now present pieces of the historical puzzle.

A museum with a clear story to tell 

The project itself is not small, so there were some struggles along the road.

- It took a lot of our time, we had to work a lot, it’s not easy, but we took it step by step. We gathered a team that has a lot of qualities on different areas, overcame obstacles one by one and here we are – Kreso says.

Now that we have your interest, it's time to discover what guests will be able to see when visiting this, for Dubrovnik, really unique museum.

red museum dubrovnik items

- There are three parts of the museum: socialism in the idea, socialism in practice, socialism in memory. First, in the idea part, it will be explained how it all came to Croatia and how it developed. Then, visitors go to an apartment and can see the objects together with their stories. For example, the liquor cabinet will tell the story about alcoholism, the growing number of women alcoholics during that period, what they drunk back then and how drinking was perceived. The double bed will tell the story about marriages, divorces, were there mixed marriages, etc. We will have infographics and it will all be very interactive. The next step is the dark room that tells the story about all the negative aspects which were well known, but also kept under the veil of secrets, such as the islands of Daksa and Goli Otok. For the last part, socialism in memory, we are inviting people to send us their memories, such as photos. While visitors go through our museum, they should make their own conclusions, we are not taking sides and giving our opinions – Kristina explains, while Kreso adds that with those three parts they want to bring some sort of basics and educate the public about communism and socialism and that they hope that the museum will make visitors want to learn and explore more, since they will see that this was one interesting period well worth their attention.

The Red History Museum will not only work as an exhibition space. There will also be a public library, movie projections and lectures, which will make it interesting to the locals and tourists.


- The idea is to make something like a ''time capsule''. We needed a team of creative people to start it all and now we hope that visitors will love it, donations will come and the fundus will grow. Then maybe the Yugoslavian taboo will not be taboo anymore, it will become mainstream – adds Tomi.

From interest to threats - reactions are pouring in 

Picking through this particular part of Croatian history can be tricky, so we wondered if they had already received some reactions.

- Yes, we have! – Nino says while the whole crowd laughs.

- There were supportive comments, but there were some negative ones too. They cursed us and threatened to bury us… But there are many more people that praise us and we hope that it will stay that way. A great number of people want to be a part of this and are sending messages on Facebook about items they have at home that we might find useful. For now, we have a great cooperation with the community – Nino explains and invites everybody to visit the museum when it's opened and make their own conclusions about it. Also, if they have any insecurities, they are more than welcome to send their questions on the official e-mail or Facebook page.

One of the positive things is, as mentioned, that the museum is located outside the City core.

- That is maybe the most interesting part of it all, the position and the building where we are placed, at the space with its socialist history, that is going through the process of reprogramming. Young people are coming with interesting content and the TUP building is changing day by day. I hope that it will only grow and one day become a creative hub. That should be interesting to the citizens and visitors and send a message that Dubrovnik lives – Tomi explains and Kreso adds that the good thing of being away from the Old City is being able to enrich the offer far from the crowds. Kristina added that their goal is to bring that one part of Croatian history, that can be used like sort of the prequel to the Homeland War Museum.

The Red History Museum should be opened during the spring of 2019 and the team invites you to share your stories, objects and memories from that period in Croatia and if not – to visit them and make your own Dubrovnik memories.



An earthquake rumbled through Dubrovnik at 2:47 pm. The epicentre was 8 kilometers from Ulcinj, Montenegro but could be felt all around – Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and of course Montenegro.

The earthquake was measured at a magnitude of 4.8 and it was felt lightly in Dubrovnik, especially on the higher floors of the buildings.

The Canopy by Hilton hotel, an €8 million investment by Zagreb City Hotels, opened in Zagreb on Monday, as the first hotel of the Canopy brand in continental Europe.

After Zagreb, hotels of the Canopy brand will also be opened in London, Madrid, and Paris.

The hotel's interior design was done by Croatian designers from the Franic and Sekoranja Studio, and Croatian furniture manufacturers.

Located in the city centre, the hotel has 151 rooms, a restaurant and a bar, a retreat room, and two conference halls.

This is the second hotel from the Hilton chain in Zagreb, after DoubleTree, and we are planning on opening Garden Inn next year, said the Hilton Group managing director for southern Europe development, Alan Mantin.


Tourism Minister Gari Capelli said at the opening that some €1.05 billion would be invested in Croatian tourism in 2019, after this year’s €940 million.

“We can no longer look at Croatian tourism as seasonal in character, since the figures tell us otherwise. Today, I can say that Croatia has seen an 11 percent increase in guests compared to this time last year,” Capelli said.

This year, some €1 billion in investments have been planned, Capelli said, adding that the ministry was counting on additional €350 million to be invested in health tourism.

It is one of the success stories of Croatia, the shining light of entrepreneurship in a country bereft of budding businessmen and women and it is on the cuff of getting even bigger. Rimac Automobili has announced that they are looking to employ another 100 people to add to the 429 employees already working for the electric car company.

"Every time a company doubles the number of employees, everything changes, we are work intensively and striving to structure the company, organize all processes, and help our managers and team leaders keep everything under control," commented the founder of Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac.

Based in Sveta Nedelja, not far from the Croatian capital, the company has expanded and opened offices in Split and Osijek. And now with the announcement that they are looking for a further 100 employees in various positions it seems that company is pushing expansion plans even further.

The Newman-Knotek's a Croatian-American veteran family needs our help here in the DC metro area. Please read, contribute and share this story if you can. This is not a hoax, the Newman-Knotek family is known by everyone in the Croatian community in the DC area. They are very active volunteers participating in all of the events of our community.

Here's their story, "Sanja Knotek-Newman has served from forgotten villages in Croatia as a kid and musician, then throughout the Homeland War in Croatia during the 1990's, by running humanitarian and UN and US Army missions until she came to the US to finish her degree. As she trained Special Forces for better service in Bosnia, she met her husband, William Newman, who led US military forces as a combat camera active military member, while she served as a military spouse activist and supporter. Some 5 years ago, William was disabled in Afghanistan and was medically discharged while the family was away from home. He was honoured with a Bronze Star medal for a previous deployment in Iraq.

After being homeless, with no income for over a year, with 2 small kids and all the debt that they have accumulated by moving every year during his 16 years of service in the US armed forces, they have been trying to keep afloat by Sanja working 4 jobs, full-time and temporary, and again serving the Croatian community in the Washington, DC area as a Croatian court and medical interpreter.

Sanja began having back and leg pain in 2016. After many medical examinations and scans, she was finally diagnosed with several benign tumours, one 14 cm in size, that will require surgery on Friday, November 16. She has been having severe pain in her back, kidneys and bladder. Her surgery and recovery will require her to be off work for a few months. With prior and future medical bills for both Sanja and William and mortgage payments past due, her being out of work means she and her family could lose everything. At the same time, another family member is in need of medical treatment. The expense of this and Sanja's surgery puts a very heavy burden on this family.

So we are asking on behalf of Sanja, her husband and their two daughters for your support to address this Croatian American family needs. Please consider a one-time donation to help their urgent financial needs and help them get back on their feet. Your prayers and generosity are greatly appreciated."

Please go to:

Dubrovnik is turning into a great destination for all those who love active holidays. Next month, or more precisely – on December 8th, there will be an uphill trail charity race called ''Stazom Deva'' (Camel Trail). Starting point will be on the main country road D8 and it will take you all the way to the top of Srd Hill – to Fort Imperial.

The name „Stazom Deva“ is a local name of the trail chosen to honor the people helping and carrying the supplies up to the top of the hill in 1991 and 1992. These important individuals were also called „camels“ during the Homeland war as they could carry a lot of important goods and foods for the local defending soldiers based in the Fort Imperial above Dubrovnik.

There is no time limit for this race so all runners and hikers can make it to the top!

Technical details: this is an uphill trail, starting point by the D8 county road 129m above sea level, finishing point 394m above sea level Fort Imperial – War Museum. The route is long and 265m high. The route is gravel and paved by stone as well. Start is individual - every 30 seconds. Water and food will be in the Finish Zone. There will be medals for the overall winners male/female, place one, two and three. No age categories. Race limit 100 persons max.

REGISTRATION Fee 100 HRK / 15€ – this is a charity race, includes water, food, t-shirt, medal

Limited to 100 runners!

09:30 – 10:30 Race number pick up at the Start Zone
11:00 Start of the race
11:15 – 13:00 Refreshments and meal (traditional bean stew) at the Finish Zone - Fort Imperial

After Race - return to Dubrovnik by cable car - cost 10HRK.




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