Thursday, 22 February 2024

Today, on February 21, 2024, at 18:57 (CET), seismographs of the Croatian Seismological Service recorded a weak earthquake with a magnitude of M 2.6 in the sea off the coast of Pelješac, southeast of Žuljana.

The intensity at the epicentre, estimated from the magnitude, was reported to be III-IV (three to four) on the EMS scale.

Readers report that it was brief, shaking was felt, and the earthquake was of lower intensity.

The earthquake was also recorded by the renowned Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, stating that the earthquake occurred 22 km from Ploče.

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The gastronomic event organized by the City of Dubrovnik - "Dubrovnik Table on Stradun" has received a special award from the national annual award "Simply the Best." This award, given for creativity, innovation, development, and improvement of the destination's tourist offer, is presented by UHPA - the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, the business tourism exchange PUT, and the tourist magazine Way to Croatia.

PUT Tourism Fair is the oldest Croatian B2B tourism meeting, bringing together professionals from agency business, tourism service providers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and tourism community systems. For 23 years, the meeting has been organized in a different Croatian destination, and this year it will take place from April 10th to 12th in Biograd na Moru, coinciding with the awards ceremony.

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"Dubrovnik Table," a traditional gastronomic event, is held in October as part of the Good Food Festival. Along the entire Stradun, numerous Dubrovnik hotels and restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, caterers, and winemakers showcase their knowledge and skills. Every year, the "Table" also has a charitable aspect, with proceeds from food and drink sales donated to needy associations.

The organizers of the "Dubrovnik Table" are the City of Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the Croatian Chamber of Economy - Dubrovnik County Chamber, the Craft Chamber of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the Guild of Caterers, and TUŠ Dubrovnik.

For the year 2022, the City of Dubrovnik received the Simply the Best award in the category "New projects in tourism, tourism community systems, and local self-government" for the successful implementation of the Dubrovnik Pass project - an information system for electronic payment and access control to the most significant cultural and monumental sites of the City of Dubrovnik.

After nearly a decade since its inception in 2009, a visionary project finds new life in 2021, driven by the collaborative efforts of parliamentary members, local leaders, and regional administrators. This initiative, spearheaded by a collective will to safeguard Croatia's natural heritage, is gaining momentum under the stewardship of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

With a focused commitment to preserving the pristine landscapes of Ivanščica, Strahinjčica, Maceljska gora, and Ravna gora, the Ministry is diligently advancing efforts towards the establishment of a nature park in the heart of Croatian Zagorje. This endeavour, born from a fusion of environmental consciousness and strategic planning, is poised to redefine the region's ecological future.

The recent collaborative strides made with the Krapina-Zagorje and Varaždin counties underscore a unified vision for the protection and sustainable management of over 31,000 hectares of natural terrain. Through inclusive consultations with stakeholders from 14 municipalities, the Ministry aims to cultivate a shared understanding of the transformative potential inherent in the nature park designation.

Poetic Inspiration UK Reader Shares Emotional Journey Through Croatian Fishing Village 3

Beyond its ecological significance, the proposed nature park represents a multifaceted opportunity to harness the intrinsic value of Croatia's Zagorje region. By harmonizing natural preservation with cultural heritage, this initiative envisages a paradigm shift in regional development, fostering a symbiotic relationship between environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.

Underpinning this transformative journey is the establishment of a dedicated public institution tasked with overseeing the park's management and development. By fostering collaboration, facilitating community engagement, and championing sustainable practices, this institution is poised to catalyse positive socio-economic outcomes while safeguarding the region's ecological integrity.


In 2022, renewable energy sources accounted for 41.2% of gross electricity consumption in the EU, marking a significant increase of 3.4 percentage points from 2021 (37.8%). This surge places renewable energy well ahead of other electricity-generation sources such as nuclear (less than 22%), gas (less than 20%), or coal (less than 17%).

The total contribution of renewable energy sources saw a notable 5.7% increase from 2021 to 2022. Wind and hydropower emerged as the primary contributors, collectively representing over two-thirds of the total electricity generated from renewable sources (37.5% and 29.9%, respectively). Solar power, although comprising a smaller share, experienced the most rapid growth, having risen from just 1% in 2008 to 18.2% in 2022.

When focusing on specific countries, Croatia stands out with a noteworthy share of energy from renewable sources in its gross electricity consumption. In 2022, Croatia reported a 55.5% share, showcasing a significant reliance on renewable energy, particularly from sources like hydro and wind. This places Croatia among the leading European countries in renewable energy adoption.

Despite such advancements, there remain challenges, with some countries like Malta, Hungary, Czechia, and Luxembourg reporting lower shares of electricity from renewable sources, indicating a need for further development and investment in sustainable energy practices.

Overall, Croatia's commitment to renewable energy underscores its dedication to environmental sustainability and positions it as a promising player in Europe's transition towards cleaner and greener energy solutions.


We love the contact we have with all our readers, the daily photos, letters, comments and videos we receive fill our social media and inbox. However, one reader from the UK has been a little more creative than normal and written a poem.

“I recently wrote a poem about an experience which I had in a Croatian fishing village on the island of Korčula - Prigradica, whilst on holiday,” wrote Cameron Reed from Durham in the UK.

Adding that “The poem itself is about pain of the past and the suffering which can occur if one allows the inner-pain to take control of life. This pain which can be felt throughout the majority of the poem, concludes in the final verses by showing that through the power of love and embracing simplicity, even the most painful of traumas can be shifted.”

And here is his poem in full:

Parables from Croatia: The Fishing Village

During a scorching afternoon at the end of May, back in 2023, former Croatian serviceman, Tomislav, and I, ambled down the rugged foothills of Southern Dalmatia, sweating profusely, with the aim of carrying a Gorenje refrigerator down to the car in order to transport it to Tomislav’s parents’ home in Prigradica, where my significant other and myself were blissfully staying. The conversation went a bit like this:

So, you’d like to discuss about what happened at Vukovar?
Well, young man, we best save that until we get to the bar.

For I have pain in every quarter, stuck inside all jumbled and deep,
sometimes, it hurts so much, that all I can do is sit back and weep.

I can achingly recall each and every conversation with my parents that were had,
to be honest with you, the topics were enough to make any grown man sad.

We fought tooth and nail for the heroic defence of our land,
even to this day, there will still be blood embedded beneath the sand.

Nowadays, I work long and hard at the port, repairing damaged ships, mostly to forget.
Yet, it does not always mean that time successfully heals you from your regret.

A shot of Borovnica after work alongside a warm dish put onto the table,
these pleasures of life are enough to make any Croatian man feel stable.

When the lady of my dreams, Anita, came into my life and became my wife,
she was able to help me to get past some of those deep scars of strife.

Therefore, rejoice, dear child, for you’re now in the world’s most beautiful place!
Living here makes you understand that time is simply no longer a race.

Why don’t you grab a hold of your beloved one’s hand and take her down to the sea?
It shall teach you both that life is to be enjoyed and lived at every possible degree.

If you need to find me again, in this life or the next, I will be sitting here on the hill by the tree – enjoying an ice-cold Karlovačko onwards anytime from quarter-past three.

Just remember this: "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves."


The Ston Tourist Board, have announced the favourite spring event that attracts more and more food lovers every year, and also has a charitable aspect.

This year, the popular Oyster Day will take place on March 16, 2024, starting at 11 am on the promenade in Mali Ston as well as in Brijesta. The program includes oyster tastings on boats and shellfish farms, accompanied by top-quality Pelješac wines, the sounds of Dalmatian songs, and performances by local cultural and artistic groups (Glazba Ston and the folk group Poloneza), providing visitors with the opportunity to get to know not only the gastronomic but also the traditional side of Pelješac, as announced by the Ston Tourist Board. The League Against Cancer and the Children of Pelješac Associations will exhibit their products for charitable purposes, while a whole range of Pelješac flavours will be offered in catering establishments in Ston, Mali Ston, Kobaš, Broce, and Hodilje.

Ston Oyster Day Returns Celebrating Pelješacs Culinary Gem with Charity and Tradition 1

“The Mali Ston oyster is one of the most important assets of Pelješac gastronomy, and because of its taste and quality, it is known much wider. With the experience gained from organizing the event in one location, it has been shown that we exceed the framework of a sustainable event due to the large number of visitors. The Ston Shellfish Association has managed to organize the presentation of the Mali Ston oyster on the same day, in Mali Ston and Brijesta, thus dispersing a large number of visitors to two locations,” writes the Ston Tourist Board.

Oyster Day is just one link in the chain through which this delicacy seeks to be promoted in gastronomic and tourist terms to get the place it deserves! Let's celebrate in March! - invites oyster lovers from the Ston Tourist Board.

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The Age-Old Charm of Land-Based Casinos Vs. The Digital Allure of Online Platforms

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Online casinos bring unparalleled convenience, allowing players to indulge in their favourite games from the comfort of their homes. The absence of travel requirements and the 24/7 availability of online platforms are just a few reasons why digital gambling is gaining traction in the region.

The Unmatched Benefits of Online Gambling

The unmatched advantages of online gambling go well beyond the convenience of accessibility. Online casinos boast an extensive and diverse range of games, surpassing the limited variety in physical casinos. This vast selection caters to all gamblers, offering everything from traditional slot machines and table games to innovative themed games. Online platforms continuously update their game libraries with fresh and exciting titles, ensuring a dynamic gaming experience that keeps pace with player preferences and the latest trends.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, online casinos have elevated the gambling experience. Live dealer games, conducted in real-time by professional dealers, bring the authentic atmosphere of a land-based casino into the digital realm, offering a blend of convenience and realism. The emergence of virtual reality (VR) in online gambling is a game-changer, creating immersive, 3D environments that mimic the experience of stepping into a physical casino. This technological advancement enhances the thrill of gambling and attracts a tech-savvy audience seeking interactive and engaging experiences.

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Why Some Gamblers Might Still Prefer Land-Based Casinos

Some gamblers in South Africa might prefer land-based casinos over online options for several reasons. Firstly, the tangible experience of a physical casino, with its vibrant atmosphere, live entertainment, and the social aspect of interacting with other players and staff, can be more engaging and enjoyable for some. Land-based casinos often offer a sense of luxury and a unique ambiance that online platforms cannot replicate.

Secondly, there is a level of trust and security associated with physical transactions and seeing games played in real-time, which some players might find more reassuring than online gambling. Additionally, the immediate payout of winnings in a land-based casino can be more satisfying compared to the processing times of online withdrawals.

Finally, for some, visiting a casino is a special outing or a part of a larger entertainment experience, which includes dining, shows, and other amenities, adding to the overall appeal of land-based casinos in South Africa.

Luckily for South Africans, They Don’t Need to Choose

The choice between land-based and online casinos in South Africa ultimately boils down to personal preference, as both offer unique and compelling experiences. Land-based casinos provide the classic, tangible experience of gambling, complete with the exhilaration of live gameplay, the social aspect of interacting with others, and the luxury of resort-style amenities. They cater to those who appreciate the traditional aspects of gambling and the holistic experience of a night out at a casino.

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The average monthly net salary paid per employee in legal entities in Croatia was 1,191 euros for December of the previous year, which is nominally higher by 13.9 percent and in real terms by nine percent annually, according to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS).

The average monthly net salary from January to December of the previous year amounted to 1,148 euros, reports HINA.

Compared to the salary for November 2023, the average net salary for December was nominally lower by 1.4 percent and in real terms by 0.9 percent, as reported on Tuesday by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS).

The highest average monthly net salary paid in the last month of 2023 was in the production of refined petroleum products, amounting to 1,795 euros, while the lowest was in clothing production, 739 euros.

According to the DZS report, the median net salary for December was 1,005 euros, meaning that half of the employees earned less and half earned more than that amount.


After yesterday's magnificent welcome on Stradun, the golden water polo players from the World Championship in Doha were received today by the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, and Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepšić. Four Dubrovnik natives in the ranks of the Croatian water polo team, Marko Bijač, Loren Fatović, Marko Žuvela, and Filip Kržić, made a significant, even decisive, contribution in the matches of the 'Barakudas.'

Zlatni vaterpolisti prijem2

During today's reception, they shared their experiences from Doha, as well as their excitement about yesterday's welcome, and thanked the mayor and the city for the organization, as well as all the fellow citizens who welcomed them in front of St. Blaise.

Mayor Franković once again congratulated them on their outstanding success. 'You have done this masterfully,' said the mayor to the golden young men of Dubrovnik.


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