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Beluga caviar is one of the most famous, most luxurious and most expensive types of caviar in the world, with a price of stunning 80,000 Kunas per kilogram or more than 10,000 Euros per kilo.

The fact that this popular delicacy has its fans in Croatia was confirmed seven years ago when, despite its ever-astronomic price, beluga caviar was sold out in a delicacy shop in Zagreb at a price of 2,442 Kunas per 30-gram jar full of this luxurious delicacy.

However, good news for Croatian beluga caviar fans is on the horizon. The Ribnjačarstvo Poljana farm fish in the Požega-Slavonia County has been farming fish in ecologically intact environment for years. Recently they came up with an idea to farm the beluga sturgeon ‘Huso huso’ and produce beluga caviar of the highest quality.

With a 115-year long tradition of freshwater fish farming, this Croatian company has both, the knowledge and the courage to engage in such a project. The whole idea was sparked by an interesting lecture about the sturgeon farming and the production of caviar at the International Conference on Aquaculture held in Vukovar two years ago.

The Queen of Water or the Gentle Giant, as people call it endearingly, the beluga sturgeon or ‘Huso huso’ can reach up to seven metres in length and around one tonne and a half in weight in its best years. However, it is less known that this living fossil, protected by the CITES convention as a critically endangered species, once lived in Croatia in the waters of Danube, Sava and Drava Rivers, thus its farming, as it is conceived by Ribnjačarstvo Poljana, would surely save this valued fish from extinction.

Advent in Zagreb brings a special surprise for all the dog owners and their pets. Store Hov-Hov Zagreb will open its restaurant, the first dog restaurant in Zagreb!

This offer brings irresistible and healthy muffins, brownies, pretzels, cakes and many other dishes, all adapted for dogs.

Treat your dog with a special dog cake with fresh game meat, vegetables, glazed with coconut or buy some special Christmas canned food. The offer also brings Advent Calendars for dogs, clothes and fashion accessories from Croatian brand ‘Dawg Swag’, toys made from recycled materials and specially prepared Christmas packages, which will delight your puppies on the Christmas morning.

This is one more reason to visit well-known Advent in Zagreb, especially if you want to bring your pet with you (and we know you do)!

hov hov facebook

A rather unusual winter guest landed in Dubrovnik yesterday, and it wasn’t through Dubrovnik Airport. A egret (a stork like bird) was spotted in the suburb of Lapad and immediately found its photo on Facebook.

The snow-white coloured bird is not a stranger to northern and eastern Croatia but seeing one in the far south is relatively rare. Maybe the strong northerly winds that have been buffeting the region blew this bird of course, we wish it well for the rest of the its journey.

stork dubrovnik

The latest spectacular video about Earth changes released by the world’s largest space agency NASA features a scientist from Rijeka, Croatia.

The video about changes of Earth’s surface over the past twenty years is the most viewed recent video of the American space agency. In the last week since its release, it went viral and attracted more than 1,5 million views all over the globe.
Apart from the fascinating satellite images that present retractions and thrive of the green patches on Earth that give an impression that our planet is breathing, the main star of the video is the Croatian scientist Ivona Cetinić.

The NASA’s time-lapse video presents the results of complex optical satellite measurements through seasons and years and enables us to see what is going on with flora on the land and in the oceans. This is where the Croatian scientist Ivona Cetinić stepped in and appeared in the role of a narrator as one of the most important oceanographers at NASA now. Cetinić is specialized for optical measurements of phytoplankton biology.

The video has attracted great attention from the world’s largest media, thus, last week Cetinić appeared in a long CNN report in which she explained to the American public this fascinating ‘’terrestrial’’ part of a NASA’s research.

This is not the first time that NASA introduced Cetinić to the media, which is not surprising given the fact that currently she is the head of one of the largest oceanographic projects of NASA and one of the leading scientists at the Ocean Ecology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The Puerto Rican musician Luis Fonsi, best known for his megahit ''Despacito'' was supposed to hold a concert in Zagreb on the 26th of November. However, due to alleged technical problems, the concert was cancelled.

Even though the concert did not take place, Fonsi came to Zagreb and had great fun. He did not miss the opportunity to go sightseeing the Upper town in the Croatian capital and enjoy local gastronomic specialties.

According to rumours, ticket sales for the concert were low so the whole event had to be cancelled. Even though "Despacito" is the Number One most viewed video on YouTube with over 3,6 billion views since the 4th of September 2017, it seems that Fonsi do not have a large audience in Croatia.

However, only three days after cancelling the Zagreb concert, Fonsi performed in Belgrade and thrilled the Serbian audience with his performance.

When it comes to TV stations and their revenue in Croatia, last year proved a relatively successful one.

Currently there are 47 TV stations operating in the country. In 2016, they achieved revenue of almost 2.2 billion Kunas which was a significant increase in comparison to previous years.

According to data, the pure profit was around 56 million Kunas, however, there were times when some of the TV stations went in the red.

Among all TV stations in Croatia, the largest are the national TV station Croatian Radio and Television (HRT), Nova TV and RTL. The national TV station HRT earns the most and employs 2,800 people. By revenue and by the number of employees, HRT is followed by Nova TV, which employs 330 people, and RTL with 240 employees.

The privatization of the last state hotel companies in Croatia - Dubrovnik's Hotel Maestral, Hotel Makarska and Crikvenica Adriatic, is expected to raise minimum of 458 million Kuna. There has been an unprecedented interest in the first round of the public tender with more than 40 letters of interest just for Hotel Maestral. 68.94 percent of the shares in Hotel Maestral are up for grabs and investors have shown great interest for these five hotels on the coastline in Lapad.

The nominal value of these shares in Hotel Maestral is 71.1 million Kuna, HRK 200 per share, and will they be offered for 114.27 million Kuna, or 321.42 Kuna per share. After thew first stage of the public tender, in which 40 investors showed an interest, the parties now have 30 days to submit a bid for Hotel Maestral. After many previous attempts to sell the last state owned hotel company in Dubrovnik it would seem at this early stage that this attempt will be more successful.

The fourth Dubrovnik Winter Festival begins on the 2nd of December and the city is slowly getting in the festive spirit. Today the Christmas houses arrived on the Stradun and were constructed. In total there will be eight houses on the Stradun plus more on the Pile and Gundulic square in the Old City.

From the 2nd of December until the 6th of January locals and guests will be able to taste some traditional festive treats in Dubrovnik.

The program and opening of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival begins with the lighting of the Advent Candle at 9.00 o’clock in the heart of the city.

stardun xmas houses

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