Thursday, 14 December 2017
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The Dubrovnik Times


For the third year in a row, Advent in Zagreb was picked as the best one in Europe on the website European best destinations, the first website dedicated to the promotion of tourism in Europe. Everybody got their chance to vote and Zagreb smashed the competition.

On the now traditional list of the best Christmas markets, Colmar – France is placed second, while the third place belongs to Vienna, fourth to Budapest and fifth to another French city – Strasbourg.

This competition is quite famous and numbers confirm it – more than 200,516 people from 131 countries of the world voted. Zagreb even got three voters from Kenya!
Looking at individual countries, Zagreb was the number one destination for Americans, Canadians, Russians, Greeks and Australians, while the British, Germans and Austrians put it on the second place, right behind their own cities on the list.

The total number of votes for Zagreb was 38,830, while Colmar received 24,625 votes and the third-ranked Vienna collected 16,354 votes.

A laid back reindeer appeared today sitting on a bench just outside of the Old City of Dubrovnik.

Santa’s helper immediately became a hit as tourists and locals took the opportunity to have a selfie. And you too can have antlers, because right next to the reindeer is a pair of antlers for you to pose underneath.

It looks like the reindeer will be just as popular as the Teddy Bear on Stradun. We can only presume, because the Dubrovnik reindeer doesn’t have a red nose, that he isn’t Rudolph.

install reindeer on pile 3

reindeer pile 2

Gale force south winds battered the Dubrovnik coastline today bringing roiling seas and rain for most of the day.

And as the Adriatic crashed into the shoreline so did the plastic bottles that we are unfortunately used to with these weather conditions. A reader sent us this photo and video showing piles of plastic bottles washed up on the beach in the picturesque village of Molunat in Konavle.

The vast majority of these plastic bottles are brought with the winds from Albania, which can be proved with the labels still on the bottles, and not only Konavle but also the island of Mljet have problems collecting huge amounts of plastic.

The Christmas season is a wonderful time of joy and togetherness, beautiful decorations and thousands of Christmas lights that bring people in a festive mood.

This year Advent fairs organized in larger cities across Croatia are attracting numerous foreigners as well as local people who enjoy in wonderful aromas and taste spreading from street food stands as well as in a rich Christmas program and accompanied events.

People always say, ‘’There is a child in each and every one of us’’, and that is true. Every year this child eagerly waits to enjoy in beautiful decorative lights and sights bursting from all over the place trying to figure out who has the best Christmas decorations.

Many cities have decorated their streets and squares in their own distinctive way, however, this year the city of Pula has prepared something special. The city and its citizens can surely enjoy in their Christmas decorations and be proud of one thing – they have the largest digital Christmas tree in the country.

Igor Brenko, the owner of the Ara Electronic company, is the author of the largest digital Christmas decoration in Croatia. He has also designed the largest hanging light sphere ball three years ago.

This interesting ‘tree’ is a ten-metre high decoration with 7,500 digital LED lights. The largest Croatian digital Christmas tree was placed in the city of Pula at the beginning of December.

Croatia has been declared the world’s best olive region in the world, according to Flos Olei.

For the third time in a row, the country was awarded the best olive region on the planet. Last year Flos Olei experts selected Istria as the best quality olive region in the world for the second time in a row and included it in its catalogue for 2017.

This year, Flos Olei, a reputable Italian-English world guide for extra virgin olive oils was presented in the centre of Rome, Italy on the 9th of December 2017. More than 500 world producers from all continents attended the event. Croatia had 75 representatives from Istria.

On this occasion, twenty of the world’s best olive growers from Italy, Spain, Chile and Enio Zubin from Buščina near Umag in Istria presented their olive oils at the luxury Westin Excelsior Roma Hotel. Some of the oils reached the price up to 40 Euros per two and a half decilitres.

It is interesting to note that among all colleagues from leading olive-growing countries, Zubin produces the smallest quantities of olive oil. For example, he produces 48 hectolitres of organic olive oil a year, whilst his colleague from Spain Casas de Hualdo from the region Castilla-La Mancha produces more than 7,600 hectolitres a year!

The promotion of the Istrian and Croatian oils in Flos Olei was especially encouraged by the director of the Istrian Tourist Board Denis Ivošević thanks to whom Croatian olive growers have been present in the guide for 12 years.

‘’This is the most important place for professionals to discuss about olive growing, from producers to distributers. Nine years Istria has been present in this guide as the second best olive region in the world, whilst for the last three years, we are the world’s best olive region with the largest number of olive growers included in this guide. This only confirms Istria’s primacy in the world’’, commented Ivošević.

The tenth Cake party was held today in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik and was just as popular as ever.

This jubilee party is organised every year by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and they invite media houses, hotels, restaurants and organisations to donate a cake which is then sold at promotional prices with all proceeds going towards a good cause.

torty cake 2017 3


This year a whopping 12,600 Kuna was raised as the slices of cake flew out at an amazing rate. All the funds raised will be donated to the Society of dystrophic, disabled cerebral and paediatric paralysis of the Dubrovnik Neretva County.

Slices of cake were sold at 15 Kuna and along with the sweet delights a whole morning of entertainment was organised in front of the St. Blaise Church. 33 different organisations in the city donated over 50 cakes and desserts and once again the Dubrovnik Cake Party was a huge hit.

dubrovnik times torta party


The Dubrovnik Tourist Board thanked all the participants who donated the cakes and the citizens who once again showed their great festive spirit in this holiday season!

cake party 2017 1

The latest episode in the Star Wars franchise “The Last Jedi” hits the screens on December the 14th in Croatia and thanks to a new teaser trailer video released yesterday we now have a good idea what Dubrovnik will look like in the sci-fi blockbuster.

star wars teaser video dubrovnik

The Star Wars cast and crew filmed in Dubrovnik at the beginning of last year with several locations in and around the historic Old City used as backdrops for the movie. The main street through the heart of the Old City, Stradun, was the centre of attention and a massive film set transformed the 16th century facades into a galaxy far, far away.

Dubrovnik plays Canto Bight in the movie, described as a casino planet, and the latest video show stunning scenes of filming in Dubrovnik as well as glimpses of the final cuts.

Rian Johnson, the writer/director, of The Last Jedi commented that “Croatia was the perfect location to shot Canto Bight. We are in this alleyway in Dubrovnik smashing speeders, and it was just one of those Oh my God what are we doing moments.”

speeding car on stardun star wars

Dubrovnik awoke to a cold morning as temperatures dropped to only 3 degrees with the northerly wind giving a “real feel” of minus.

The mountains of the Konavle region reassembled an Alpine scene as a fresh covering of snow blinked brightly in the midday sunshine. The forecast for the next ten days is for rain, storms and generally overcast weather meaning that Dubrovnik could well be in for a wet Christmas and not a white Christmas.

snowy mountains in konavle 2017 december

snow konavle december 2017




Humidity: 89%
Wind: SE at 35.40 km/h
13°C / 15°C
12°C / 16°C
Scattered showers
8°C / 11°C
7°C / 10°C

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