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Record breaking year for Dubrovnik Airport Record breaking year for Dubrovnik Airport

Record breaking September as Dubrovnik Airport flies high in 2017

By  Mark Thomas Oct 05, 2017

Dubrovnik Airport has recorded a record month in September with 348.749 passengers travelling through the airport. The airport has recently reached the two millionth passenger mark as 2017 proves to be the busiest year ever for the most southern airport in Croatia.

In the first three quarters of 2017 Dubrovnik Airport has seen 2.04 million passengers travelling through which is an impressive 17 percent increase over 2016. This means that Dubrovnik has already overtaken its passenger traffic total from 2016 when 1.99 million passengers were handled. By the end of the year it is anticipated that 2.3 million passengers will have been handled.

Since the beginning of the year only one month, March, saw a decrease in passenger numbers compared to last year. April saw the most impressive increase, 52 percent, and in total 143,920 passengers passed through in the fourth month.

In spite of the impressive figures and undoubtedly great final results there is still work to do on attracting airlines to the airport out of the main tourist season. January this year recorded a miserly 19,329 passengers whilst July saw 442,122. This seasonality will hold the airport, and Dubrovnik as a destination, back from further record breaking years.