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Lovrijenac marked as one of eight remarkable Slavic forts and castles that should be on your tour list

By  Oct 03, 2017

Slavorum, the website that brings the latest news from Slavic lands together with travel, culture and food information, has recently published an article titled ‘8 Remarkable Slavic Forts And Castles That Should Be On Your Tour List’.

- There is no continent as rich in castles as Europe. The remarkable history of Slavic countries is full of the thousands of castles. Many of them survived and now stay a fascinating tourist attraction – it’s written in the introduction of the article.
We are not surprised that one of our most famous fortresses made it to the list. It’s fort Lovrijenac.

- It is small but impressive and absolutely charming. The fortress located outside the western wall of the historical city of Dubrovnik. Located 27 meters above sea level makes you think about the most adventurous stories you’ve ever heard. The first fort on this site was built by Venetians in the 11th century, but the one which is available now comes from later times. It is also known as St. Lawrence Fortress and it is a must-see place if you are in Dubrovnik – it’s explained in the article.

Lovrijenac has an amazing history, and in modern times it became really popular after playing Red Keep in the Game of Thrones series.