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Croatian Flag described as oven mitt Croatian Flag described as oven mitt

British comedian calls Croatia flag an oven mitt

By  Oct 06, 2017

The British comedian and a professional poker player of Chinese origin Ken Cheng recently posted his ‘’description’’ of all flags of the world, one at a time.

In September 2017, Cheng started his Twitter thread insulting the national flags of every country in the world and received national media coverage.

‘’The US flag: god it’s shite’’, was his description of the famous Stars and Stripes.
‘’Sierra Leone really??? It's like Hungary and Luxembourg decided to split the difference. You're such a new flag too (1961) it's like discovering a millennial named Ethel’’, was his comment on the flag of the African country.

Cheng was not scarce in vocabulary when insulted the national flag of Vietnam, ‘’C'mon Vietnam if I wanted to see this crap I would've just zoomed in on the Chinese flag’’.

Out of 195 world countries, Croatia placed as the 148th of the Cheng’s list. ‘’Croatia, errrr, it’s an oven mitt’’, wrote Cheng on his Twitter profile.