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Joseph Anthonii loves Croatian sweets and snacks Joseph Anthonii loves Croatian sweets and snacks Youtube

VIDEO – American vlogger goes crazy for Croatian chocolate

By  Sep 12, 2017

In his latest video, Joseph Anthonii, an American YouTuber, who enjoys tasting all kinds of sweets, was thrilled with sweets from Croatia.

Anthonii ordered Croatian sweets from the website that every month offers sweets from every corner of the world and sends orders to home addresses around the globe with a description of packed sweet products.

After receiving the sweet package, Anthonii was excited to open a box from Croatia, which also contained a postcard from Dubrovnik, and then dug in. The first product he tasted was salted sticks with peanuts; however, he was not impressed due to the lack of the peanut flavour.

However, the American you tuber obviously was not prepared for the upcoming explosion of wonderful tastes that waited for him in the box of Croatian products. He tasted the package of Zivotnjsko carstvo chocolates that shocked Anthonii so much that he told the famous American chocolate producer ''Hershey's, I'm so sorry, but you do not have anything that this Croatian chocolate already doesn't have''.

Anthonii was also thrilled with Kiki candy, Dorina chocolate, Napolitanke wafers etc.
''Croatia, why your candies are so better than ours, I don't understand?!'', exclaimed Anthonii whose post has already been seen by more than 50,000 people thus we thank him for a sweet promotion of Croatia.

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