Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Mimica in Osijek Zoo Mimica in Osijek Zoo

Oldest jaguar in the world alive and well in Croatian zoo

By  Sep 08, 2017

This could quite easily have been in a “did you know” section and no we wouldn’t have known the answer either! But according to the latest data, Croatia is a home to the oldest jaguar in the world, and no we aren’t talking about a old-timer English sports car.

The female jaguar called Micica (''a kitten'') is the only jaguar in Croatia and a permanent resident of the ZOO Osijek in Slavonia since 1994 when she was transported from the Republic of South Africa.

On the average, jaguars in the wild live around 10 to 12 years, whilst captive specimens on the average live around 20 years. As the official data show, the oldest jaguar so far lived 28 years, however, according to the data from the ZOO Osijek, Micica is now 29 years and 6 months old making her the oldest cat in the world.

Despite her age, Micica is in excellent health and is quite vigorous. She behaves as an ordinary cat but due to her old age she has some special needs such as easily digestive food.

Micica has experienced this old age primarily thanks to a regular diet regime and the lack of stress usually present at cats of prey living in the wild.




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