Monday, 20 November 2017
The Dubrovnik Times

The Dubrovnik Times


Representatives of two of Dubrovnik's leading private accommodation companies, Direct Booker and Dominum Travel, announced that they are joining together to improve the quality of private accommodation rental at today’s press conference held at Direct Booker office.

-The goal is to to hit the market even stronger – explained one of the founders of Direct Booker, Nino Dubretic adding that the market is constantly changing and that’s important to follow the changes and answer to increasing demands in the area of private accommodation.

He emphasized the numbers of his company– over million overnight stays, over 100 thousand reservations, five thousand accommodation units, 150 employees – which is the reason behind running a press conference, since they feel the need to inform the public about all the news in private accommodation.

Direct Booker takes over sales and marketing of the majority of Dominium Travel accommodation units, and for hosting and taking care of the apartments, there is a brand new company - Dominatto made by merging Dominium Travel and Adatto, a former Direct Booker partner.

-    Every year brings new challenges – explained Slavica Grkes from Dominum Travel, that has been doing full property management for five years now.

She added that with merging they want to bring their business on a higher level. They plan to have a busy winter, since planning is half of the job. For example, they already know that they will have a quality department, which already shows how serious they are about offering only quality and top service.

- We have recognized the challenges in the market, such as lack of workforce – explained Denis Dilberovic from Adatto, adding that it’s easier to cope with problems together.
They plan to offer excellent working conditions and to be worthy competition to hotels and other agencies.

This three in one company will follow the trends and their founders hope that with their quality services they will also cross the boarders of Croatia, which is not so unusual for Direct Booker, which is present and well know all across the region.

Finally, they hope that the local government will recognize how worthy this project is and to support them on their ambitious way.

The Croatian tourist industry has achieved a historic tourism result this year.

A long-awaited and announced record of 100 million overnight stays was recorded for the first time in Croatia’s history last weekend. The eVisitor and eCrew systems provided data on tourist traffic realized in commercial and non-commercial facilities as well as in nautical charter.

‘’We are extremely proud of the fact that we have achieved such a great and historic number and confirmed, once again, that Croatia is truly a hit tourist destination. This is a result of the work and cooperation of all participants in tourism thus I congratulate all on this historic result for Croatian tourism’’, said Gari Cappelli, the Croatian Minister of Tourism.

Cappelli added that this great result is also a confirmation that tourism in Croatia does not happen, but that with quality planning, marketing activities and organized work during the entire year it is possible to make such a big step forward.

‘’Croatia is and can be much more than a summer destination which has been already confirmed by a large number of new and quality offers and excellent results in the pre-season and off-season period’’, concluded Gari Cappelli.

Get your running shoes ready. Along with Dubrovnik Aquathlon, Dubrovnik 10K is a new race under the Du Motion brand. It’s the grand finale of the Dubrovnik Run league, gathering runners not just from Dubrovnik and the rest of Croatia, but also neighbouring countries.

On Sunday the 19th of November at 9.30 am runners will line up on the start line at the Sunset Beach in the Bay of Lapad and run 10 kilometres around the scenic Babin Kuk peninsular before finishing at the Sunset Beach.

Registration is already open for the race with more details available on the website - - with entry prices only 100 Kuna.

10 k run dubrovnik map

Map of the 10K Dubrovnik race 

The Miss Croatia team has officially presented the video with which the current Miss Croatia Tea Mlinaric will present at this year’s Miss World beauty contest in China.
Video was created in collaboration with Pink Wing Production and the Croatian Tourist Board.

-I enjoyed filming the video because I really want to introduce Croatia through all of its beauties. The most beautiful part of the video for me is,of course, my county and the Nehajska Tower with a horseman and his horses, talking about the mentality of our people - said Miss Croatia, Tea Mlinaric, as reported by

Video shows beautiful scenes from Croatia and, of course, there are some amazing Dubrovnik shots. Miss World 2017 final will be held on Saturday November 18th in China.

The Nautical Channel, the world’s only specialized TV channel for sailing, water sports and travel, has started broadcasting the third season of the travel TV series ‘’Sail-Ho! Croatia’’.

More than 150 million viewers in 54 countries around the globe will now have an opportunity to see the beauties of Croatia as well as some, so far, unseen and undiscovered content.

The filming of the TV series started on the 30th of May 2017 at the Kornati Cup regatta, whilst the final film clap marked the end of the filming on locations in Istria at the end of July.

The first and second seasons of ‘’Sail-Ho! Croatia’’, broadcasted in 2015 and 2016, achieved a great result with an average audience of around 20 million viewers per episode. The third season is a logical sequel because more and more viewers, especially boaters, opt for Croatia as their next summer destination.

nautical channel croatia

‘’After exceptionally accepted first and even better second season of the TV series, we are delighted to present the third season to our viewers. They will once again have the opportunity to sail along the Croatian coast and we can hardly wait to discover more to them. Croatia is definitely a positive discovery and with each new episode we reveal something new and interesting’’, commented Andrew Miller, the director of Nautical Channel.

Some of the destinations that will be presented to Nautical Channel viewers include Konavle-Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Korčula, Omiš, the island of Brač, Vodice, Knin, Jezera, the small island of Vir, the islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj as well as Istria and Zagreb.

The Amali Doare production, which has been producing this TV series for the Nautical Channel since 2015, is preparing the production and the fourth season, which is to be recorded in 2018.

The main partners of the series are ACI Club d.d., the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ), the Croatian Electric Company (HEP), INA d.d., the Tourist Board of Zagreb, the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County, the Kvarner Tourist Board and many others.

It seems that wild boar has been seen in Gospino Polje in Dubrovnik today – reports Dubrovacki Vjesnik. Apparently, the animal has been hit by the car and got confused, so it started roaming around, and as said by witnesses was seen also at Ivo Vojnovic street, where it scared people drinking their morning Monday coffee.

It is interesting to tell that the appearance of wild boars is not so unusual in Dubrovnik, since at the end of last year one of them was seen at Nuncijata, near the Franjo Tudman Bridge, where it scared the drivers at the east entrance of the City.

It is said that this sort of animals come to settled areas for food. It’s possible that in the winter months they will feel more attracted to Dubrovnik, but hopefully not, because wild boars are not the type of winter tourism that we are aiming for.

According to the latest Arton Capital's Passport Index, Singapore has ‘’the most powerful’’ passport in the world, whilst Croatia has placed as the 14th on the list.

Arton Capital’s Passport Index is the world’s most popular online interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of over 190 world countries.

Earlier this year, Croatia was in the 15th place, according to this index, however, the country made a step forward and now it shares the 14th place with Brazil. And in 2015 the Croatian passport was ranked in 17th position. 

The passport value is determined by a set of parameters; however, the visa is the most important of them.

Singapore has the most powerful passport in the world because its citizens can travel to the largest number of world countries visa-free. The country is followed by Germany (2nd), Sweden, South Korea (3rd), Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, United Kingdom (4th), whilst Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal are in the 5th place on the list.

It is interesting to note that the US passport is ranked as the sixth most powerful passport in the world after Donald Trump became the President, because Turkey and Central African Republic re-introduced visas for Americans.

As far as Croatian passport is concerned, Croats can travel to 144 countries around the globe visa-free; however, the visa is required for Croatian citizens going to almost all African and Middle Eastern countries, as well as to Russia and the United States. In total Croatians have to apply for visas for travel in 54 countries, including the USA, Australia and Russia. 

In addition, as Croatia is the EU member country, the Croatian passport is much more powerful than passports of all the other Balkan countries. Only the Slovenian passport is ''stronger'' than Croatian, it ranked as the 10th on the Arton Capital’s Passport Index.

The bottom five world’s countries with ‘’the weakest passport’’ are Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

passport colours of the world

Map of the passports colours of the world - Passport Index 

Located to the east side of the historic city centre is the Dominican Monastery. This impressive sacral building holds many interesting secrets. You reach the monastery entrance by climbing up a stone stairway with an equally impressive stone balustrade.

dominacan dubrovnik

It was constructed in the 14th century in a Gothic-Renaissance style and contains an exquisite cloister, which was added in the 15th century, filled with orange trees and palms. The cloister is an interesting experience, especially in the warmer summer months, and a nice break from the crowds.

monastery dubrovnik


The main, single-nave church is large and spacious and features a painting by the Cavtat artist Vlaho Bukovac. There are 15th and 16th century works of art and a large stained glass window. The monastery complex also holds a museum, which is accessed through the cloister, and exhibits religious works by famous Dubrovnik artists.




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