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The height of the summer, and tourist season, is upon us in Dubrovnik and the historic city centre was as busy as you would expect it to be.

New tourists arrived, cruise ship passengers toured the cobbled streets and marvelled at the stone landmarks and locals enjoyed a coffee on a pavement cafe, just another summer’s weekend in Dubrovnik. Temperatures soared to 34 degrees in the city and in the shade was the place to be.

Check out our photo gallery from Saturday morning in Dubrovnik

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tourists in dubrovnik

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Some people will go to any lengths to get the perfect view of Dubrovnik; even it is means putting their own lives in dangers. These two male tourists were spotted today on the walls of the Lovrijenac Fortress taking in the view of the Old City of Dubrovnik whilst dangling 80 metres above rocky cliffs.

tourists on lovrijenac

The fortress, popular to fans of the Game of Thrones as it was the location of the Red Keep, is the only part of the Dubrovnik defensive system that is separated from the walls. It stands high on a rocky cliff overlooking the city and the views are spectacular, so there is no need to climb onto the stone walls to get a better one.

This behaviour is strictly forbidden and warning signs advise visitors of the rules. However these two thrill seekers decided to take matters into their own hands and risk everything for the view.

tourists dbk

After a long period of extreme heat and dry weather Dubrovnik could be in for a refreshing couple of days. According to weather forecasters the predict that a northerly wind will blow tonight in the region and bring in cooler evening temperatures, around 23 degrees, and then tomorrow there is the chance of thunder storms and rain with temperatures to drop to around 29 degrees.

Since the beginning of August temperatures in Dubrovnik haven't dropped below 30 degrees and rain has yet to rain in the city this month. However a short period of unstable weather is expected with the beginning of next week to be a mixture of sunshine and scattered clouds with highs around 28 degrees. The “cooler” period should last to around Friday when once again the summer will return in full force and mid-thirty temperatures will again be the norm.

The mid morning traffic in Dubrovnik was slower than normal today as a multiple car accident temporarily blocked the main coastal road. At around 11.00am this morning on the main road that leads to the airport an accident involving four cars stopped traffic.

According to police reports there were no injuries. This section of the road has been particularly dangerous this summer season as more and more cars have been using the small side road up to the top of the Srd Mountain.

Quite clearly this traffic junction needs drastic alterations as the sheer number of cars turning up towards Bosanka is causing tail backs. The cause of the accident is not yet known but the turning to Bosanka and a lack of braking space could well be the culprits.



Over the past few years, an eco-lifestyle has become massively popular all around the world. It is mainly related to food; however, some store shelves are full of products that are anything but ''eco''.

The same situation has been happening in Croatia as well. There are many products with ''the original Croatian'' and ''Croatian quality'' labels, but unfortunately, currently there is no adequate laboratory in the country to determine whether these products are really of Croatian origin.

However, things may change after all in the near future. A kind of CSI for food will be established in the country to determine whether Croatian citizens are buying food from Croatia or not.

The Institute of Public Health ''Dr Andrija Stampar'' and the Faculty of Agriculture are expected to build and equip the Centre for Food Safety and Quality with European money next year. Thus, for the first time in Croatia and by using isotopic analysis, the centre will determine whether the product is really of Croatian origin and from which part of the country it originates.

''Each region, each area has a unique natural barcode, i.e. a characteristic ratio of isotopes of characteristic elements such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon from the organic component which then undoubtedly demonstrates that the product is grown in that area'', explained Sandra Sikic, the deputy director of the Institute of Public Health ''Dr Andrija Stampar''.

This product testing is mainly related to 80 products bearing the ''original Croatian'' label. The labels are designated by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), whilst the Centre will have a double role.

''The testing will improve the quality control of food for the benefit of consumers, whilst on the other hand, the producers will be protected against possible counterfeit products'', commented Martina Sokac Saraga from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

The result of the tender for the project within the EU funds is expected by the end of this year. If approved, the construction of the Centre would start at the beginning of next year.

The popular Microsoft browser always posts a photo on its front page, and yesterday the honour went to the beautiful beach Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac. However it appears that the search engine forgot to check the photo for details.

Zlatni Rat is one of the most unique beaches in the whole of Croatia and an iconic landmark, however in this Bing photo there is another interesting feature – a giant penis!
Someone seems to have sketched the penis in the sand while on the beach. A closer look reveals that it is a drawing of the male genitals, however, how it got there, remains unknown.

In any case, we believe that this drawing will not spoil the image of one of the most attractive beaches in the world.

penis croatian beach

penis bing beach

''When I heard how many people like us here, I had an attack of stage fright'', commented Jamie Hince from The Kills.

The world popular cult rock band is to perform in the Croatian capital of Zagreb on the 19th of August 2017. The Kills are a British-American indie rock band formed 16 years ago by the American singer Alison Mosshart and the English guitarist Jamie Hince.

After releasing five hit studio albums including the latest ‘’Ash&Ice’’, the cult rock band will perform in front of the Zagreb audience at the Factory of Culture (Tvornica kulture) this Saturday.

On this occasion, Hince commented, ‘’I do not know why it took us so many years to come to Croatia. I have visited the country so many times; I have been listening to only nice and positive things about Croatia, from my friends and my colleague musicians. Now, I have to admit, I have stage fright’’.

kills zagreb


Hince also added that it is a wonderful feeling to perform for the first time in a new country, but pressure is inevitable because he does not want to disappoint their fans.
‘’It is phenomenal to see complete strangers enjoying songs that you wrote ten years ago and identifying with them...I hope our fans in Zagreb and Croatia will feel the same’’, Hince commented.

The legendary 48 year-old rocker, who played in the Fiji, Scarfo and Blyth Power bands before The Kills, has more than a friendly relationship with his fans. Before and after the concert he likes to hang out with them, sit in the bar and have a drink with his fans.
‘’If you are a rock star, it does not mean that you are untouchable to the people you literally live upon’’, concluded Jamie Hince.




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