Monday, 23 July 2018

Dee Dee Bridgewater, the American jazz diva and multiple winner of the Grammy award will perform on Wednesday, July 18th, at 9.30 pm in front of the Cathedral, accompanied by the Jazz Orchestra of the Croatian Radio Television, conducted by Andreas Marinello. Concert will be held as a part of musical program of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

This will be Dee Dee’s first visit to Dubrovnik and she is honored to play with Jazz Orchestra of the Croatian Radio Television. Her unique jazz standard performances brought her three Grammy award. She also won prestigious Tony Award for the role of Glinda in The Wiz musical. Thanks to her authentic personality and rich concert and theatrical experience, Dee Dee Bridgewater performances are one of the most exciting vocal performances on the recent jazz scene in the world. She was nominated for the best jazz albums, and many have named he the successor of the famous Elle Fitzgerald. Dee Dee has succeeded in putting her own stamp on the music standards, and with an intolerable and unstoppable approach to the reinterpretation of jazz classics, she is a fearless traveler, explorer, pioneer, but also a guardian of tradition. In addition to all this, she’s the Goodwill UN Ambassador committed by the Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) to end hunger in the world.

She now has the chance to perform with the Jazz Orchestra of Croatian Radio and Television. That’s the only professional composition of this kind in Croatia and with its continuous seventy years of activity is among the longest major bands in the world. As one of the most influential jazz ensembles on the Croatian music scene, it is the nucleus of the best jazz musicians among whom many performers also act as composers and arrangers.

I've never loved football. Ok, this might be a weird way to start my World Cup story, but just wait. So, as I was saying – I was never into football and never really got why people get so excited about it. It's just guys running from one side to another, chasing the ball, right? Oh, how I was wrong.

I've started feeling that football fever slowly from the beginning of the World Cup and I didn't ever notice the symptoms – first, I started watching the matches that weren't even related to Croatia. Then, I started yelling at screen while our team was playing. I jumped higher that I know I could when we scored. I almost cried when we won… Ok, I cried. A little.

What made this championship different than any other? Why everybody turned to football lovers? Can we even explain it? We could try! It's the energy. Love. Atmosphere. Unity. Euphoria. Belief. Pride. Happiness. Madness. It's all of that and much more, all million times stronger each time our team won – and they won just about right number of times to make us the nation at the edge of the heart attack.

We were all as one, as cheesy as it sounds, but honestly Croatia turned into one big football fan. Not everybody was so delighted by it, of course, but that's ok – let's not worry about that now.

I never felt and maybe never will this kind of pride and unity. I was too young to enjoy 1998 when Croatia was third, but had the great luck to be a part of this collective happiness. To stand in the crowd, while we all sing as one, all wearing colours of our country, while our flags are flying all around. To hug a stranger, or even two, ok three (you could see that we are a huggy nation), because we are the SECOND NATION IN THE WORLD. To watch the live homecoming for hours and I mean hours – to see how a million people welcome our beautiful players. To fall in love with them. To feel blessed, touched and overwhelmed.

This is Croatia. A small country, with a heart bigger than this world, with a soul that was left on the field. With people that can join together and share their happiness – everywhere. They told us that we are dreaming, but now we see that we are living the dream. Maybe tomorrow we'll wake up from it. Maybe we'll remember all our problems then. But we'll always remember this moment, when we were on top of the world. When we shared our focus, when we had hope. When we surprised everybody. When we were the happiest nation in the world. What a time to be alive. What a time to be Croatian!!!!


The Chinese delegation, headed by the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China in Croatia Hu Zhaoming met with the Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic and his associates at a meeting about the inclusion of Chinese policemen in the "Safe Tourism Season" project.

At a meeting in the Old City, Mayor Frankovic thanked for the ceremony that was held a day earlier on the Stradun and praised the relations between the two countries. However, one problem has also been highlighted on the meeting, the fact that one part of the tourist groups from China do not use official, licensed guides to tour the historic core of Dubrovnik. In this issue, the Mayor stressed the importance of Chinese policemen who will help communicate with responsible persons in such cases. It was also said that 16 Chinese guides were given a license to make Dubrovnik tours, so there is also a legal way to tour in Chinese language.

policija 1

Ambassador Hu Zhaoming said that six Chinese police officers who were deployed by three police administrations, including Dubrovnik-Neretva, by mid-August, will assist in such situations. It is also said that a letter will be sent to the agencies that bring Chinese guests to Dubrovnik to regulate this issue. Chinese tourists encounter problems in our city highlighting the inability to use advanced payment technology and the lack of Chinese restaurants. He also stressed that the relations between the two states are the best so far, there is an increasing number of Chinese tourists coming to Croatia, the growing commodity exchange and the export of Croatia to China, China invests significant amounts here, and a contract for a major construction work on Komarna – Peljesac bridge has recently been signed. The bridge will build a Chinese consortium China Road and Bridge Corporation, whose manager Lu Shengwei said he is currently looking for associates in Croatia and guaranteeing the quality and deadlines of the project.

Cultural co-operation topics were also talked about and the opportunity for a visit of the prominent Chinese pianist at the forthcoming Dubrovnik Summer Festival was mentioned.

The Croatian team has come home to an incredible welcome! The streets and main square of the capital Zagreb were completely packed as the team bus made its way from the airport to the centre to celebrate with the fans.

According to official estimates from the police there were over 450,000 supporters waiting along the streets and when the plane landed the whole country went absolutely crazy. “I haven’t seen scenes like this since Croatia was declared an independent country,” commented one joyous fan. Red and white squares, flags, fireworks and deafening songs awaited the heroes from Russia as they made their way in an open-top bus.

zagreb 114

People had arrived from all four corners of Croatia! They had come by bus, taxi, train and many had walked miles and miles just to get a glimpse of the silver medal winners from the 2018 World Cup.

zagreb 112

As the Croatia Airlines flight carrying the players entered Croatian airspace it was immediately greeted with a warm message of thanks and congratulations from the air traffic controllers. And as it approached Zagreb Airport three Croatia Air force MIG fighters flew alongside the plane. Upon landing the country went wild. The plane was drenched by two firefighting trucks in a shower of water to show their appreciation.

Absolutely incredible scenes and the official coach still hasn’t made it to the centre of Zagreb…more to come later. So far the coach has been driving for more than four hours and is yet to make the normal 20 minutes drive from the airport to the centre of Zagreb. 

zagreb 111

zagreb 116

Meryem Uzerli, world famous Turkish-German actress and model came to Dubrovnik few days ago and couldn't miss the chance to cheer for Croatian team in the World Cup Final! She published photos and videos from Dubrovnik, wearing Croatian jersey, with the name Mandzukic on the back. She got numerous reactions from all over the world and Croatias were especially euphoric. 

In case you didn't know, Meryem Uzreli rose to prominence by playing Hürrem Sultan in the Turkish TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2011–2013), for which she received critical acclaim and won numerous accolades, including a Golden Butterfly Award.


In the past week in the area of Police Administration of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County there were 27 traffic accidents, of which there were 14 with injured persons, where five persons were heavily injured, 11 had light injuries while 13 traffic accidents had material damage.

By carrying out traffic control measures, police officers have taken 727 repressive measures against the perpetrators of traffic offenses, out of which 327 measures taken due to speeding, 61 due to improper overtaking, 53 measures due to improper stop and parking, 77 measures because of non-use of the seat belt and 16 measures against drivers who were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

One of the Croatian stars that has been flying high in the World Cup isn’t even playing on the pitch. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the President of Croatia, has been backing the team all the way and she has certainly caught the attention of the world’s media.

kolinda 13

Wearing the iconic Croatian football shirt and cheering loudly from the VIP lounge of the stadiums Kolinda has continued and enhanced the positive spirit for her homeland. With a population of only a little over 4 million it seemed that the whole world was backing Croatia in the World Cup Final. And Kolinda’s photos and videos have gone absolutely viral all over the world.

kolinda 11

Even here at The Dubrovnik Times we have received numerous invitations for interviews and information and the latest one from the BBC is all about the Croatian President. Kolinda has gone viral and promoted the country in the best possible light to the world.

kolinda 15

kolinda 16

Dubrovnik has made it onto another world travel list, this time the aptly named “The World's Best Once-in-a-lifetime Journeys for 2018.” This recognition is particularly important as it was judged by 515 of the world’s leading travel professionals. A massive 2,500 world journeys were evaluated and Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coastal road came in at a lofty tenth position.

“Sapphire seas, almighty mountains, and historic villages are just a few of the sites to explore during a drive along the scenic Dalmatian Coast of Croatia,” opens the article on Croatia.

Adding that “Croatia is an Eastern European country embraced by a striking coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Made up of more than a thousand islands, its pristine coastline is met with some of the most stunning, deep-blue waters in the world.”

Check out the full article here

Even the most popular search engine in the world is celebrating Croatia’s World Cup success. Google have added a Croatian fan inspired design on the homepage of their website today in honour of the silver medal the team won at the finals in Moscow.

Featuring the iconic red and white squared shirts and fan scenes the image is a great advert and publicity for Croatia, and proof that football has the biggest reach of any team sport. Clicking on the image brings readers through to info about the final and the Croatian team.

Croatia’s captain and inspiration Luka Modric has been awarded with the Golden Ball for being the player of the 2018 World Cup. Modric, who truly was the dominate force in Croatia’s midfield, becomes the first Croatian to win the Golden Ball. In 1998 Davor Suker won the Silver Ball as well as the Golden Boot for his six goals.

Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic commented that "He played a terrific tournament which is another commendation for the team which helped to bring about Luka's success. He made the lion’s share of our play and he was a deserved winner of the Golden Ball."

The Silver Ball went to Eden Hazard of Belgium, with the Bronze Ball going to Antoine Griezmann of France.

In other awards the England captain, Harry Kane, won the Golden Boot after finishing the top scorer of the World Cup with six goals. Whilst Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois picked up the Golden Glove for being the leading goalkeeper. The best Young Player Award went to the impressive Kylian Mbappe (19) from France.


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