Monday, 23 July 2018

The temperatures are rising again and this summer will surely be hot! Not only because of temperatures, but because of hot ladies and guys that can be seen all over Dubrovnik. And all over social media too, especially Instagram.

We got used to photos of ladies in bikinis but got a bit surprised by one – if you ask us – very handsome guy that decided to pose on the island of Lokrum completely naked. Manolo Filippelli, Italian that loves to travel and to go to the gym (who would've guessed), took some breaths away with one of his latest photos showing more than a lot.

Browsing through his Instagram profile shows that he's not really a shy guy – he knows he looks good and loves to show it. He rarely has his t-shirt on, but no complaints could be seen in the comments.

To be honest, the Lokrum photo is our favourite. Because we love Lokrum, yes…

Rain, storms, grey skies and a depressed population often all stem from one weather condition in Dubrovnik – a southerly wind.

The south wind, known as the jugo, is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and when it blows it tends to dump large quantities of rain all over the Dubrovnik region. And the heavy air and moisture throws most of the city into a bleak depression.

jugo stops senate

In fact, the effects are so widespread that during the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik a special law was brought in. whenever the jugo or sirocco blew no Council session or decisions or laws were allowed to take place. Quite simply the south wind, and its negative connotations for people’s health, closed down the city council.

A famous Dubrovnik author, Tereza Buconic, summed it up when she wrote “One does not even like oneself when jugo is blowing so how can a decision be made about another with such a confused mind.” Even crimes that were committed during heavy southerly winds were treated with more leniency.


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A luxury jet, worth between 2.5 to 3.5 million dollar, hit the lamp post in Dubrovnik Airport on Monday afternoon with back horizontal stabilizer. The passengers continued the flight on regular flights and the damaged aircraft remained grounded - Slobodna Dalmacija writes.

According to the reporters of Slobodna Dalmacija, the shift chief has not reported this incident to Air Traffic Accident Investigation Agency immediately. That was not done until tomorrow, when it was reported by the security manager of Dubrovnik Airport. The answer from the Management Board of Dubrovnik Airport shows that they do not even know the registration number of the aircraft, let alone the circumstances under which this serious security incident has occurred.
- The Dubrovnik Airport has no other information than the ones provided by the Air Traffic, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation Agency (AIN). For further handling, the Air Accident Inspectorate is in charge in cooperation with the aircraft operator - they replied from the Dubrovnik Airport Management Board on request of Slobodna Dalmacija.

- It's a Gulfstream 4 jet business jet. It moved from the parking position at a low speed when a back horizontal stabilizer hit the lamp post. No injuries, only minor material damage has been committed. We received an announcement about the event from Dubrovnik Airport. The agency is in the process of collecting additional information - said Danko Petrin, chief investigator of aviation accidents.

According to information from the Dubrovnik aviation circles, the aircraft pilot found himself in an unfortunate position between the two light columns, the pilot departed from the stairway without the help of the parker. This can be a key detail in illuminating this accident – Slobodna Dalmacija writes.

Each airport has its own operational manual that is used by pilot companies to keep the aircraft safe when moving at the airport. Simple version of the manual is "follow the yellow line, and if there are no yellow lines, follow the park instructions".
- The yellow line in question must ensure that the pilot does not hit a ground barrier when rolling. If this pilot did not follow the yellow line, he was guilty of an incident. If he followed the line and still hooked up to the pillar, the airport was wrong.

If there were no yellow lines to follow, the question is where was the parker – said a well-informed Dubrovnik civil aviation expert to Slobodna Dalmacija.

Croatia’s population is shrinking rapidly. According to a new report published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Vienna Institute of Demography and reported by the news service N1 since 1990 the population has shrunk by 13 percent.

The population of Western Europe keeps growing largely thanks to immigration, while Eastern Europe has been hit with serious population drain, a recently published analysis by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Vienna Institute of Demography showed.

The survey highlights the difference between populations across Europe from the period of 1990 to 2017. And it is clear from their findings that south-eastern Europe is struggling with a major demographic problem.

The country with the highest drop in population was Bosnia and Herzegovina which saw a massive 22 percent loss of citizens within the 17-year time period. And a large proportion of this loss can be put down to the war in the region, however more recently the situation hasn’t improved as people leave for financial reasons.

At the other end of the scale Ireland saw the largest growth in population, an incredible 36 percent, followed by Switzerland with 26 percent and Norway with 24 percent. But in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Lithuania more than 20 percent of the population immigrated.

The last Thursday of the month is expected to be busy, according to the cruisers schedule published on the official page of Port Dubrovnik. This Thursday is marked with red colour, which means that over 7500 cruise passengers are expected in Dubrovnik. That's become usual, because most of the Thursdays this season are 'red', 

According to the schedule, five cruise ships will arrive to Dubrovnik today – MSC LIRICA, AIDAblu, VIKING ORION, MSC SINFONIA and ATHENA. Three of them already arrived before 7 am, , while MSC SINFONIA is supposed to come at 2 pm and ATHENA at 8 am.

During the days like this, it’s normal to expect traffic jams and big crowds in the Old City. However, because of the works of the City Government, days like this are more bearable than before and it shouldn't be such a problem to enjoy Dubrovnik, even with the high number of passengers arriving.

If you want to avoid the crowds, Friday might be perfect, because it's marked with green colour, whic means that less than 3500 passengers are expected.

The rate of unemployment in Croatia is steadily falling. At the end of May the unemployment rate fell from 10.4 percent to 9.2 percent. Over 1.40 million people were employed in Croatia in May, up by 2 percent from April, of which 1.19 million were employed in companies, or 1.5 percent up, the national statistics bureau said on Wednesday.

Somewhat unsurprisingly the number of people employed in the tourism industry rose as the tourist season began.

At the end of May, there were almost 142,000 jobless people registered with the state employment bureau, down by 17,800 or 11.1 percent from April. As a result, May's unemployment rate fell to 9.2 percent from 10.4 percent in April.

Croatia continued their impressive World Cup 2018 campaign with a relatively comfortable win over a determined Iceland team in their final Group D match and they are picking up praise from all over the world for the way they have been playing.

The former Manchester United and England defender, Phil Neville, who is now the coach of the England women’s national team commented for the BBC that “I like the style of play. They are solid at the back, the three in midfield control the game and Mario Mandzukic is an animal up front.” He added that “Croatia have probably been the best team in the competition. In terms of consistent performances they have been the best team in the competition. If Denmark play like they did today, I can't see them beating Croatia.” And the former Manchester United star is not the only pundit talking up Croatia’s chances at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

A midfield that features Luka Modric, the captain, from Real Madrid, Ivan Rakitic, from Barcelona, Marcelo Brozovic, from Inter Milan and Ivan Perisic also from Inter Milan have so far dominated the group. And with Mario Mandukic from Juventus and Ante Rebic from Eintracht Frankfurt, they have power and goals up front. The defence is led by Dejan Lovren, from Liverpool, and Domagoj Vida, from Beşiktaş. In fact, from the 23 players picked to play at this year’s World Cup only two play in the Croatian league, the third choice goalkeeper, Dominik Livaković, at Dinamo Zagreb and Filip Bradaric at Rijeka. Six players come from the Serie A, the Italian league, and four players from La Liga in Spain.

can croatia go all the way

The BBC’s South American expert, Tim Vickery, also heaped praise on Croatia, “What a midfield Croatia have. They are the team who could do serious damage. I saw them at Anfield when they played Brazil and in the first half Brazil couldn't get out of their own half.”

Croatia now face Denmark in the first match of the final stages on Sunday the 1st of July in Nizhny Novgorod. Denmark, at least according to the FIFA World rankings, should be slight favourites for the game as they are ranked 12th in the world and Croatia are in 20th position. However, the experts and the pundits, and the bookmakers, clearly have Croatia as the favourites to progress past the Danes.

If you fancy a little flutter on Croatia winning the World Cup the odds have dropped and now range from 12/1 to 14/1 however they are strong favourites with the bookmakers to beat Denmark and progress into the quarter finals in Sochi where they will face the winners of the Spain and Russia match.

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is amazing, especially during the summer months, when they have interventions almost every day!

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service from Makarska has shared a story from yesterday in order to prevent further dangerous actions by tourists. As they say, the climb to Biokovo outside the marked trails was almost fatal for the Polish tourist.

-On 26th of June at 12:05, via emergency center 112, a help was asked for two Polish tourists from Podgora - Caklje because of hiking where there is no mountain trail. Eleven rescuers arrived with two terrain vehicles and found the injured tourist at 12:40 am in the area of Stupica at an altitude of 420 meters. Of the two tourists, due to the dangerous terrain and fear, one remained motionless on the steep slope and asked for help to safely climb to the road – they wrote at their official Facebook page, saying that they determined that there were no injuries than scratches and helped him with team effort, pulled him on the road, where his friend and the owner of the apartment where he’s staying waited for him. The action ended at 1:32 pm.

-Although there is a lot of work on preventing and getting to know tourists with dangers in the mountains and non-urban areas, however, due to the large number of visitors to our beautiful coast, there are situations that unfortunately in many cases end with the tragic consequences. This is a story with a happy outcome and the third case of rescuing tourists in flip flops on Biokovo - Croatian Mountain Rescue Service from Makarska concluded.

biokovo1 1

The weather is not suitable for swimming, but that doesn't mean it won't get better. And when it does and the sun starts shining again, there's no better way to use it than going to some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. 

CNN Travel has just published a list of 11 Croatia's best beaches and it's good to know that three of them are located in Dubrovnik-Neretva County!

-The secret of Croatia's stunning Adriatic Coast and its award-winning beach destinations is well and truly out, thanks in part to the popularity of shows such as "Game of Thrones," which used the Eastern European country as a backdrop – writes CNN Travel, adding that more than hundred Croatian beaches have earned blue flag status for their remarkable purity on land and in the sea.

-Inside nearly every curve of the Croatia's coastline, from Istria in the north to Dubrovnik in the south, lies a fabulous Adriatic beach where you can play – writes CNN Travel.

Here's their pick of 11 Croatia's best beaches:

Stiniva Beach, Vis

Bršeč Beach, Bršeč

Kamenjak National Park, Istria

Oprna Beach, Krk

Beach Mali Bok, Cres

Zlatni Rat, Brač

Punta Rata, Brela

Nugal Beach

Sunj Beach, Lopud

Sveti Jakov Beach, Dubrovnik

Betina Cave, Dubrovnik

For more details about the beaches visit the original article here.

Where did Dubrovnik’s summer disappear? The city awoke to grey skies, rain and a fresh northerly wind as it felt more like October than June.

This June has been unusually unsettled with thunder storms and overcast skies. And the forecast for the rest of this week is for more cooler and unstable weather. Highs are expected to reach 25 degrees today and rain will fall for most of the day. The rain and cooler weather will continue all the way to Saturday.

Sunday will see summer return with clear skies and rising temperatures. “Variable cloudiness, showers or thunderstorm,” reads the weather forecast for Dubrovnik today, so not a day to be without your umbrella.

bad weather in dubrovnik june

Mostly cloudy



Mostly cloudy
Humidity: 100%
Wind: NNE at 11.27 km/h
Partly cloudy
22°C / 29°C
Partly cloudy
25°C / 27°C
Scattered thunderstorms
25°C / 27°C
25°C / 27°C

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