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Will Smith created a real buzz in the Moscow Stadium today when presenting the official program of the World Cup finals in Russia. Smith, with fellow artists Nicky Jam and Era Isrefi, recorded the World Cup hymn Live It Up that will be performed before the final on Sunday between France and Croatia.

And Smith revealed that the Croatian team have delighted him this tournament and commented “I was delighted with the Croatian national team goalkeeper in the match against Russia, I watched this match and when he was injured, I thought that Croatia did not have a chance to win, but he was miraculously defending, at that moment I thought it was not normal. It was the most powerful image and moment of the championship," said Smith.

When asked by reporters - Will Croatia win in the final round then? – Smith answered - "No, in the final I'll be neutral," he added with a smile.

He admitted that he discovered football a decade ago when he watched matches from the World Cup in South Africa.

A lost envelope with almost 1,000 Euros was returned to the owner at the Dubrovnik Port this morning. A little after 10.00 am, at the Port parking, an employee of the Port of Dubrovnik found an envelope with 960 euros inside. On the envelope there was a painting of a church, so the employee assumed that it has been lost by someone from the regular liner for Italy who had just boarded at the ship after returning from Medjugorje.

After the police were informed of the envelope, a contact was established with the leader on board. After the check, the money was returned to the owner who was extremely surprised with this gesture, according to the Dubrovnik Port. - Although such events are not rare in the port area, because there is a large number of tourists circulating around here, we rarely have the opportunity to hear and read about such bright examples of humanity and fairness - they said at the Port of Dubrovnik.

Although this is really kind gesture, the finder of the envelope wanted to remain anonymous - which is another example of modesty.

If you are visiting Dubrovnik this weekend, there is one important information that you need to know! Due to the historic World Cup final where Croatia meets France at 5 pm, Dubrovnik City Walls and the Walls of Ston will be closed earlier.

They will work from 8 am until 3:30 pm, it was stated from the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques. Also, Sokol Grad in Konavle will work from 10 am to 3:30 pm, while the Rector's Palace in Slano will work from 9 am to 3:30 pm

The Croatian national football team will play the final match of the World Cup in its first red and white checkered jersey set!

The team has opened the World Cup in this set and defeated Nigeria 2:0, however in the next five games wore the second – black one - and many fans consider it lucky, because while wearing it Croatians won Argentina 3:0, Iceland 2:1, Denmark and Russia in the penalties and England 2:1.

The reason why Croatia will wear their famous red and white jerseys is because FIFA draw placed France as a home team and they will wear their dark blue jerseys.

It doesn’t matter what they wear – we are sure that they will be amazing!!!

The Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, will cheer again for Croatian team in the finals of the World Cup in Moscow – HRT reports.

This are great news, especially if you remember her passionate cheering on the match against Russia – she even went viral because of her dance of joy! Not to mention that she even went to the dressing room of the players (who can blame her?) and has been one of the biggest supporters of Croatian team.

During semi-finals (Croatia-England), she was at the dinner with NATO leaders and couldn't watch the game, but was informed about the score all the time – HRT writes.

- When Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave me the word at that point, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk (the President of the Commission and the President of the European Council) have shown me that it was a tie, which deconcentrated me a bit at the start of my speech. After dinner together with President Macron, I looked at the last few minutes of the last extension. He congratulated me, hugged and we agreed to see on Sunday in Moscow - the president said.

She announced that she will follow the match in the Croatian jersey and that he slightly provoked Macron to appear in national colors, not in suit.

-I told him that people in Croatia wonder who is the bigger fan – me or him, so we will have to prove ourselves in Moscow - she said.

She expressed hope that the optimism that flooded the country because of the historical success of football players could flow to other parts of social life and economy – it’s written by HRT.


Meryem Uzerli, world famous Turkish-German actress and model is in Dubrovnik! She shared photos from our beautiful city on her official Instagram profile, followed by more than 4 million people.

This beautiful actress accompanied her photo with an interesting caption:
-Do you know what? My great grandmother is from Croatia! – Meryem wrote and got over 100 thousand likes!

Meryem came to Dubrovnik with her friends and famous Turkish TV hosts – Diyar Onar and Nazlı Çelik and was more willing to share their group photo. Ladies are posting every corner of Dubrovnik on their Instagram profile and – everybody loves it!


In case you didn't know, Meryem Uzreli rose to prominence by playing Hürrem Sultan in the Turkish TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2011–2013), for which she received critical acclaim and won numerous accolades, including a Golden Butterfly Award.

BeFunky collage 35


Photos: Instagram

It wasn’t only the 4.2 million people in Croatia that celebrated the monumental achievement of reaching the 2018 World Cup Finals after defeating England in extra time. Croatians all over the world, from Australia to the US, joined in the special night.

The dust is still settling after a historic semi-final win over England in Moscow. After last night’s wild celebrations Croatia was calmer today. One of the best teams in the competition await Croatia in the final on Sunday, however the upbeat mood and overwhelming confidence that the nation now has in their team has given a belief that France are the next “victims.”

Check out these video from around the world as Croatians joined as one to rejoice

When Croatia won England in the semi-finals of the World Cup, everything was shaking – literally. The Geophysical Department of the Faculty of Science (PMF), University of Zagreb on its Facebook page has released an interesting fact – Croatian fans shook the ground while cheering!! 

As they write, the PMF's seismological stations have reported stronger ground rupture yesterday, especially two times, at 10.20 and 10.37 pm.

The first time of the mini-earthquake matches the time when Mario Mandzukic scored a goal that took Croatia to the final and to the other when Turkish referee Cüneyt Çakır marked the end of the match. The Croatian fans started to jump and shook the whole country – all night long.


World media is completely enchanted by Croatia after the semi-finals of the World Cup. Croatia won England 2:1 and made history – this is first time that our country is in the finals! And even though that is a huge thing for football fans, that’s also a huge thing for the promotion of Croatia.

Suddenly, numerous people around the world want to learn more about this little country that made it this far in the World Cup. Foreign media is absolutely full of information about the players, tactics, predictions, but we love those a bit unusual – like that from IOL or Independent Online, news and information website based in South Africa.

They published an article titled 'Three unusual facts about World Cup finalists Croatia', which shows that interest in our country goes further than football.

1. Hum is the world’s smallest town
2. The world-famous dog breed, dalmatians, are originally Croatian
3. A Croatian holds the Guinness World Record of the biggest white truffle

Not something you would expect when opening a World Cup related article, right?

Air France starts a direct line Paris-Dubrovnik-Paris from Thursday, July 19th, which will fly until September 1st - it was stated from the French air carrier.

During this period Air France airplanes will fly twice a week between Paris and Dubrovnik with Airbus A319 aircraft.

Dubrovnik is certainly one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia that Air France has recognized and established a direct line, the statement of the company said.

By setting up seasonal flights of Air France domestic tourists and passengers get an opportunity to fly with Air France to Paris and then to other destinations in the world – it’s added in the statement.




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