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In comparison to other EU countries, home loans, or mortgages, in Croatia are relatively favourable.

According to data, home loans are most favourable for citizens of Slovakia. A long-term loan, with maturity over ten years, Slovaks can get at an interest rate of 1,67 percent, much cheaper than those living in one of the countries in the Eurozone.
As far as Croatia is concerned, loans in the country are relatively favourable with an interest rate of 3,51 percent. According to data from the Croatian National Bank (HNB), apart from Slovakia, favourable loan terms are offered only by banks in Slovenia and Estonia.

However, last year was not so good for Croatia when it comes to loan terms; the average interest rate for home loans was 4,77 percent, whilst six countries in Central and Eastern Europe had more favourable terms, which only indicates that competition among Croatian banks in the struggle for new clients is tougher this year.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, comparative data for new EU members show that it is most difficult to be an entrepreneur in Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. Loans up to one million Euros for a period up to one year in these countries can be obtained at an interest rate of 3,91 percent in Croatia to 4,18 percent in Romania. At the same time, in the Czech Republic, such loans can be obtained at an interest rate of 2,27 percent, almost the same as in the Eurozone (2,19%).


All the fun of the fair has arrived in Dubrovnik. On the Sunset Beach in the Bay of Lapad right next to the Adriatic Sea a funfair is currently being installed and tomorrow at 3.00 pm. Children of all ages will have fun on the roller coaster, trampolines, bumper cars and much more.

The funfair will remain open until after the New Year giving locals and guests plenty of chance for a dose of adrenaline. At this time of the year Dubrovnik traditionally has a fun park for the children which is normally located in the Gruz harbour area. However, with the opening of the Sunset Beach a new attractive venue is now available.

Lapad could well be a magnet for children this festive period as the popular ice-rink could well be located in the tennis courts in Lapad well within walking distance of the funfair.

fun fair croatia 2

fun fair 22

fun fair croatia dubrovnik

fun fair in lapad

dragon in dubrovnik



Dubrovnik will pay by far the most for their New Year’s Eve celebrations with the main singer for the biggest night of the year costing a whopping 80,000 Euros! The regional star Dino Merlin will perform on New Year’s Eve and he price for one night – 64,000 Euros plus VAT.

“I think we had a good price. It's about the price he usually gets at his concerts organized by his production,” commented the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković. Adding that Merlin will attract many tourists from neighbouring countries and help to boost the tourism figures over the festive period.

Dubrovnik has had a dilemma for years around the New Year celebrations. Due to terrible flight connections through the winter months it has proved challenging to attract foreign tourists. And as the New Year celebrations tend to favour regional pop stars the interest from foreign travel agencies is obviously less. According to reports in the national media the British group The Pet Shop Boys had offered to come to Dubrovnik for New Year. But their offer was rejected as the City of Dubrovnik saw a bigger potential with Dino Merlin. The cost of bringing The Pet Shop Boys has yet to be released but 80,000 Euros seems steep for a regional star.

Dubrovnik is the leader in paying their pop stars at New Year, for example Split will pay their star for the night 20,000 Euros.

Considering that Dubrovnik is a popular destination throughout the world and the fact that The Pet Shop Boys are mega popular it would have seemed a perfect opportunity to break the winter hibernation of the city and negotiate more flights and more hotels to remain open.


In the past week in the area of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County there were 11 road traffic accidents, of which seven involved injures with two people seriously injured.

The Dubrovnik police department reports that they carried out a range of measures against drivers in which 454 drivers were fined due to offences. From 454 repressive measures 189 were for speeding, 44 due to improper parking, 55 because drivers weren’t wearing a seat belt, 25 due to illegal overtaking, 28 for drivers who failed to turn on their headlights and 13 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The last thing you want to find in a port is a naval mine. But that is exactly what was found in the Ploce Port and at a depth of only 4.5 metres. The World War II mine was a German (luftminebomb) device that had been probably dropped via parachute into the region of the Port of Ploce.

The one tonne mine was carrying 700 kilograms of explosives when it was originally dropped by plane. For decades the mine had laid at a depth of only 4.5 metres and just 20 metres from the shore and 200 metres from the site of a new port terminal for bulk cargo.

german mine sea croatia

Yesterday this World War II relict was removed by officers of the bomb squad with the assistance of the Port of Ploce. The bomb was firstly dismantled underwater and then lifted to the surface with air balloons before being transported to the shore.

This is the third such mine found in the Port of Ploce which begs the question is there a fourth mine hidden. The German mine layers used to drop two mines at a time, so is there a fourth mine in the port or did it explode many years ago.

A long-awaited American epic space saga film is on the horizon!

To the joy of all Star Wars fans around the world, the latest ‘’Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi’’ will hit the screens on the 15th of December 2017.

The latest episode of this globally popular blockbuster will also bring joy to all the fans in Croatia and especially to Dubrovnik which played a role of the casino city Canto Bight in ‘’The Last Jedi’’ film.

Canto Bight was a coastal city on the desert planet Cantonica. The city was a destination for wealthy individuals, and it was filled with casinos and racetracks. During the war between the Resistance and the First Order, Resistance members Finn and Rose Tico travelled to Canto Bight. The Canto Bight Police were the law enforcement of the city.

Canto Bight was created for ‘’Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi’’ and it was described by the director Rian Johnson as "a Star Wars Monte Carlo–type environment, a little James Bond–ish, a little To Catch a Thief’’.

The latest ‘’Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Behind the Scenes’’ video surely caught our eye. The video is very interesting and we spotted two images related to Dubrovnik – the image of the Old City and the image of the ‘’space horse’’ behind a railing obviously waiting for the next race.

All and all, we need to be patient a little longer until the Last Jedi swings his light saber on cinema screens across the world.

The world’s first six-star luxury cruise ship is to be built in the Uljanik shipyard from Pula.

Construction of the world’s new luxury cruise ship is estimated at around 200 million Euros, whilst the cruiser will be sailing in Polar Waters.

When it comes to the construction and luxury, all 114 cabins of the cruise ship will have a balcony. The cruiser will also have 100 square metres large apartments, whilst the smallest cabin will spread over 30 square metres.

scenice eclipse pula ship


The luxury cruiser will be 160 metres in length with a maximum capacity for only 240 passengers. The capacity is limited in order for the crew to meet all the requirements their passengers could possibly have.

An Australian company that ordered the cruise ship has already had around 20 similar ships in its fleet, but only for cruising the rivers. This will be their first cruiser for sailing in the Polar Region and the world’s first ICE-class cruise ship.

It is interesting to note that the International Polar Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters came into force on the 1st of January 2017, initially covering ships built after that date. Thus, new ice-strengthened ships are to be designed and built to comply with the Polar Code.

From January 2018, the Polar Code will apply to all ships sailing in areas around Antarctica, south of latitude 60°S and around the Arctic.


As December approaches one of the hottest topics is where to spend New Year's Eve. However, there are people that know where they will spend their New Year's Eve for months now – because they are booked. One of them is surely Dino Merlin, popular singer from the region, that will be the main performer at Dubrovnik celebration, held at Stradun.

-It is my pleasure and honor to play on the famous Stradun in Dubrovnik. I can not wait to introduce myself and to welcome 2018 with you – Merlin said in a video when it was announced that he is performing in Dubrovnik.

What made the buzz is the fee for his concert – the highest one yet. Merlin will be paid 64 thousand euros plus PDV, which was confirmed by Ivana Medo Bogdanovic, executive director of Dubrovnik Summer Festival for Slobodna Dalmacija.

- The city of Dubrovnik has chosen the performer and we will arrange what is needed. New Year's programme is the part of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, which is financially covered by the City of Dubrovnik, the City Tourist Board and sponsors - she explained.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, said that prices are set by the market and that they chose Dino Merlin because they believe that he will attract many of his fans to Dubrovnik.

- The fact is that Dino Merlin performed in front of 120 thousand people last New Year's Eve in Sarajevo, so we expect a great attendance at this year's Dubrovnik concert. The aim of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board is to fill the City with guests during the winter period of the year too – said Frankovic for Slobodna Dalmacija.

The summer flight schedule of Brussels Airlines for 2018 brings additional Dubrovnik-Brussels flights – reports Avioradar.

This year the line will operate on Sundays too, in addition to regular Tuesday and Saturday. The flights start from April 28th and will continue until October 7th 2018

Belgian national airline carrier has even more news when it comes to Croatia. They will initiate a new line that will connect Split and Brussels. The flights will operate evey Wednesday and Saturday, starting also on April 28th, but ending a day earlier – October 6th.

Also, Zagreb-Brussels will continue flying regulary just like this year, every day besides Tuesday and Saturday. The flights will start on March 25th.

Transgender persons who decide to change sex cannot do it in Croatia.

A transgender person, who decides to enter the transition process in Croatia, cannot do it in the country. The only thing she/he can do is to receive hormonal therapies. However, the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO) does not cover all costs of therapy i.e. it covers costs partially and only for trans women and not for men. 

All and all, the final phase of transition, a gender reassignment surgery, cannot be performed in Croatia. However, those who decide for this final step can have the job done in the neighbouring country of Serbia.





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