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Two beaches in the Dubrovnik county have been featured in a list of the 25 best beaches in Europe by the popular UK newspaper The Guardian. The St. Jakob beach, which offers splendid views of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik, and the slightly more hidden Pupnatska Luka, on the island of Korcula, have found themselves recommended by The Guardian.

- Dubrovnik is usually intolerably crowded, and in July and August this little beach to the south makes a good escape from Croatia’s most popular tourist destination. Sveti Jakob is at least a 30-minute walk from the old town and down 160 rocky steps, so deters the casual beachgoer – write The Guardian about St. Jakob. Adding that the beach offers gorgeous views of the city walls.

And the stunning Pupnatska Luka beach on Korcula also features - The rugged southern coast of Korčula harbours numerous beaches – one of the most heavenly is Pupnatska Luka. At the top of a deep bay surrounded by thickly forested bluffs, this chilled-out beach of white pebbles and sparkling water gives a sense of being cocooned in aquamarine loveliness – says the article.

Pupnatska Luka 2018

Pupnatska Luka on Korcula - Photo by 


In total The Guardian placed only four Croatian beaches on the list of the 25 best beaches in Europe, and two are in the Dubrovnik county, with Posedarje, near Zadar, and Livačina on the island of Rab, making the list.

Croatia is among the European Union countries with the largest decrease in unemployment. Compared with a year ago, the unemployment rate fell in all member states. The largest decreases were registered in Cyprus (from 12.6% to 9.8%), Greece (from 23.3% to 20.9% between November 2016 and November 2017), Croatia (from 12.2% to 9.8%), Portugal (from 10.1% to 7.9%) and Spain (from 18.4% to 16.3%).

Even though these latest figures are encouraging Croatia still has one of the highest unemployment rates out of the 28 EU members.

Figures from January 2018 reveal that Croatia has a 9.8 percent rate of unemployment which puts the country in 24th position in terms of unemployment. Greece has by far the highest unemployment rate in the EU, at 20.9 percent, whilst the Czech Republic has the lowest rate at only 2.4 percent.

eu unemployment rate 2018

“Did you buy some extra flour and sugar,” I overheard the lady in front of me in the shop talking to her husband. “Yes, I also got some extra salt, vegeta and coffee,” added the husband, who was quite clearly agitated with his wife’s questioning. “I just heard on Radio Dubrovnik that the snow will continue for a few days more…so we don’t want to be without flour,” she added. I am not really sure what she was planning to do with so much flour, was she thinking to bake a snowmobile?!?

Yes, winter is coming…or rather winter is already here. Snow in Dubrovnik. Those words just don’t seem to go together. Snow in Dubrovnik seems like a heat wave in Siberia. Or a flood in the Sahara. But as I am writing this column the “white stuff” is swirling around my window like confetti at the biggest wedding of the year.

And the couple of pensioners in front of me were stocking up for the end of the world. As my mother-in-law always says “you’ll never be hungry if you have flour, oil and salt in the house.” I am not Jamie Oliver but I don’t really know what you can make with those three ingredients. But try telling that to these aged shoppers. She had enough flour in her trolley to fill the Rector’s Palace, I guess she was expecting the worse, to be snowed into her house until the mountain rescue dug her out. It seems a little strange writing again about snow…I mean I only did it last year.

I have been here twenty years and in that time it has snowed a grand total of four times…this being the fourth. So that means in the last two years it has snowed twice. Coincidence? Probably not. I don’t really believe in coincidences. I am more of the opinion that it is an effect of global warming. Little strange that global warming can cause snow…but it can. Just because some of us are suffering through a particularly cold and snowy winter doesn’t refute the fact that the globe is warming as we continue to pump carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Of course I am quite used to snow in the winter. Pretty much every second year of my childhood was marked with snow…and I mean real snow. Of course being a child was great, sledging, snowmen, snowball fights, crunching our teeth through huge icicles…it was our winter wonderland. Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. But then when you get a bit older and realise that you have obligations apart from just decorating snowmen the snow is quite frankly a pain in the arse. Well to be more precise the first three days are fun and then it is all about shovelling snow off your car, off the road and off just about everything.

It’s just what you get used to. And let’s face it people in Dubrovnik haven’t had a chance to get used to snow. I can never remember my mother stocking up on flour and oil like the end of the world was around the corner. In fact, we didn’t even really wear warm clothes, or gloves or scarves, we just got used to it. I remember once having to go to work early in the morning. We had a half glass front door at the time. I remember thinking why is the glass so bright in colour. But being half asleep I opened the door. Like in some cartoon I was greeted with a complete wall of snow; I mean right to the top of the door. And as I opened the door, and released the snows support, the whole wall fell into the house, turning me into a real life snowman in a flash. But even with that snow disaster I still dug out my car and drove to work, without winter tyres or snow chains.

Yes, surprisingly enough winter tyres and chains are not obligatory in the UK. In fact, I had never heard of winter tyres before I moved to Croatia. Which if you think about it is a little crazy. Of course I realise that by the time you read this text the snow will be melted and normal Dubrovnik winter time will be back…one day bura…the next jugo.

Snow just feels like an added bonus in Dubrovnik. And of course great business if you are the flour producing industry! “Snowing is an attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean,” once wrote a prophet. If that’s true he needs to send a lot, lot more.

A young teenage music star from Croatia has released the first single in cooperation with Dan Richards from One Direction.

Mia Negovetić, the 15-year old talented girl from Rijeka successfully cooperated with the member and the guitarist of the world popular bend One Direction for seven months. Mia’s first single titled ‘’Trouble’’ was recorded in her hometown Rijeka as well as in Los Angeles.

‘’I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with these people in the United States. I have just finished my single with Phil Simmonds and Dan Richards. I cannot wait to hear what we’ve done’’, wrote Mia a few months ago on her Instagram profile.

one direction guitarist

Dan Richards from One Direction 

Mia Negovetić became popular in Croatia three years ago after winning at the music show ‘’Zvjezdice’’. After that, she performed at the 20th anniversary of the military operation Storm parade by singing the Croatian national anthem. On this occasion, she thrilled thousands of spectators and became popular throughout the country.

Later, NBC producers of the Little Big Shot show spotted her on YouTube and invited her to perform at the show. Mia performed with Beyonce’s song ‘’Listen’’ and thrilled the audience, the show host Steven Harvey as well as YouTube commentators. ‘’You are in Hollywood! You’ve made it!’’ said Harvey to Mia after her performance.

After the NBC show, Mia went to the US again upon invitation of several world largest record labels.

The Financial Times has listed the Croatian region of Međimurje among the Top 10 best regions for attracting foreign investments.

In the specialized edition of the Financial Times ‘’fDi Magazine’’, which monitors and compares investment movements at the global level, Međimurje was ranked as the seventh region among 146 locations with less than 1,5 million inhabitants in the category of the strategy quality for attracting foreign investments.

Matija Posavec, the Međimurje County Prefect commented that such recognitions are not given by accident but are the result of a long and systematic work on attracting investments, promoting the region’s economy and strengthening the entrepreneurial environment.

‘’We are the only county with bigger GDP in 2014 than in 2008 and in this period we recorded the highest salary growth in Croatia’’, emphasized Posavec.

Posavec also noted a positive foreign trade balance by saying that the Međimurje County had exports twice as big as imports. Talking about the rise of employment, the Prefect pointed out that in the past four years they had 2,500 job openings. He also mentioned that the advantages of the Međimurje County in relation to other regions are geographical location, a high level of communal infrastructure, efficient public administration and, above all, hard working people.

‘’The best recommendation is investors who have been with us for a very long time now. Not only they did not leave but they are expanding their investments by opening new plants and increasing employment’’, said Posavec.

It is interesting to note that the world’s best region for attracting foreign investments, or the region of the future, is the wider area of Helsinki.

Nanobit, Croatian company specialized in developing and delivering mobile games, has achieved another great success because their "My Story" game app has become one of the ten most popular at the Apple Store in the UK – reports. 

-Our new game, My Story, has just entered the top 10 most popular games in the UK at the App Store, currently at position 8. We are all very excited because this is the result of the team work over the past two years! This is also the greatest achievement we've made with Nanobit and our games in the past 10 years – Alan Sumina, Nanobit CEO wrote on his Facebook wall.

My Story, the game that is slowly but surely becoming a hit, is a game where you choose your own story and write your life. You can decide what happens, create your look and live different lives. Sounds promising? Download it here.


Photo by Facebook page My Story: Choose Your Own Path

The popular, and traditional, Dubrovnik film festival “Quiet Please” or Tišina Molim, opens this Sunday the 4th of March. The festival, which will be held in various locations around the city, will last for six days until the 10th of March, with a rich program of films from all over the world.

This film event in Dubrovnik, is a festival that offers an interactive educational content, film screenings, visual attractions, and plenty of surprises. During the festival, tourists and Dubrovnik locals of all generations will have the opportunity to become acquainted with all of the ties between Dubrovnik and the history of film culture over the last hundred years.

quiet please film festival

The wailing of sirens will echo over Dubrovnik tomorrow, but don’t be alarmed it is just a test. The emergency sirens that are placed around the Dubrovnik region will be turned on tomorrow, the 3rd of March for a minute as part of a regular testing.

The County Emergency Centre 112 announced that "On March 3, 2018, starting at 12:00 o'clock, County Center 112 Dubrovnik will conduct a regular monthly testing of the alarm warning system." The sirens will be turned on for a 60-second continuous tone.


The Dubrovnik restaurant 360º has become the first ever restaurant in Dubrovnik to hold the prestigious Michelin star.

The result comes after a very secret tour of Croatian restaurants by professional Michelin inspectors, who visited hundreds of restaurants around the country in 2017. A new guide to Croatia has been published on the Michelin website, the world's most significant and most prestigious restaurant guide.

360 gets star 2018

There are now three restaurants in Croatia with Michelin stars, the first restaurant was Monte in Rovinj, who were awarded the star last year, and now Pelegrini in Sibenik and 360º in Dubrovnik have been awarded one Michelin star.

"Croatia is on the gastronomic chart of the world, which we certainly deserve. The new Michelin stars and recommendations to Croatian restaurants are proof that our gastronomic scene meets the very demanding international quality criteria,” commented the Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić.

Rimac Automobili has released the latest video of their new electric car model on the company’s Facebook page.

Although the video lasts only a few seconds and actually does not reveal much, so far it gives the best view of the new model of the code name Concept Two.

After presenting the improved version of Concept One electric car last year, the second Rimac's car Concept Two, as one of the largest global hits, will be presented at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show, which is to take place in Geneva from the 8th to the 18th of March 2018.

The Concept Two electric car has 1384 HP with a top speed of around 400 km/h. Despite all these fascinating features and the price of soaring 10 million Kunas, it is expected to be sold in ten times more copies that the actual Concept One.

As daring as it sounds, such sales growth is surely not unexpected considering the fact that ten copies of Concept One have been sold so far. The production volume of Concept Two will be twenty copies a year.

It is interesting to note that last year Mate Rimac, the founder and the CEO of Rimac Automobili found its place on the prestigious Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2017.




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